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Corbett Report Pentagon Audited

After Trillions Mysteriously Go ‘Missing,’ DoD Getting Audited for First Time in History

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How To Make Really Good Organic Scrambled Eggs


2 Organic Eggs
1 Tablespoon of Water

Mix well without beating it to death.

Cook in organic coconut oil on low heat.

Spinkle a pinch of himalayan salt on top.

When it starts to become partially solid take a spachela and muve the edges to the center.
The still liquid mixture will then move to the edges.

As soon as the scrambled eggs has reached the consistancy of your liking, turn the heat of and serve.

Optionally: Garnish with some organic pepper and fresh or dried organic herbs and bits of fresh chopped red paprika.

David Seaman on Alex Jones Show December 13 2017 Interview about Bitcoin

David Seaman on Alex Jones Show,- December 13 – 2017 Alex Jones interviews Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency expert David Seaman about the basics of cryptocurrency…

Simply Quinoa


5 Minute Vegan Dinners – The Happy Pear

Markus Rothkranz – Health

Markus Rothkranz – Recipes

Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary – Herbal Gardening

Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary – Recipes and Elixers


Order superfood, herbs, groceries and more with Bitcoin or banktransfer in Europe.


Bitcoin Price Graph & Calculator

Data by CryptoCompare API

BTC calculator:

btc =

BTC price:

1 BTC = 10873.0500 USD
1 BTC = 9108.16000 EUR
1 BTC = 8165.26000 GBP
1 BTC = 91682.5500 NOK
Data by CryptoCompare API

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