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  • Did you hear about the bankster who said cryptocurrency was a waste of time? His “Bitcoin alternative” patent was rejected 175 times! Jamie Dimon is out of his league. The financial fraudster who’s been predicting the death of Bitcoin for years has finally thrown in the towel to admit that cryptocurrencies at large are here […] The post JP Morgan CEO Admits He Was Wrong About... Read more »
  • Someone sent me a bunch of Dogecoins once but I can't even find them anymore and now it's actually worth something. The “parody” coin based on the popular meme featuring a Shiba Inu, has surpassed a two billion-dollar market cap. No joke! First created in 2014, the cryptocurrency was largely forgotten until it made a […] The post Cryptomania: Dogecoin Creator Unloads on Meme Currency’s Success... Read more »
  • It appears as though bitcoin may have been co-opted by the banksters through their infiltration and control of Blockstream and Bitcoin Core. I discussed this further in an interview I just released with Victurus Libertus. I also rebuked the conspiracy theories that some people still believe that bitcoin was created by the CIA. You can […] The post Has Bitcoin Been Compromised? If So, How Can... Read more »
  • Once again, the cryptocurrency markets have surged to a new all-time high above $800 billion US, gaining over $200 billion in just four days time! Bitcoin is again trading above $17,300 despite being the slow, congested, dysfunctional slow lane of cryptocurrencies on the digital highway as portrayed very well and in real time at […] The post Cryptocurrencies Break Through $800 Billion, Gaining $200 Billion... Read more »
  • Mark Zuckerberg sees the potential in cryptocurrency, and what the technology behind it represents. The Facebook founder announced on Thursday that he plans to study cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies to fix and improve Facebook. In a post written on Thursday, Zuckerberg said that he’s made an effort to learn something new every year. In […] The post Zuckerberg on Cryptocurrency: ‘Counter-Trend’ to Give Power Back... Read more »
  • I recently did an interview with Vin Armani about all the latest news in the cryptocurrency space. We covered a number of different things including what I believe the globalist banksters want to do to bitcoin. I compare bitcoin to gold in the sense that the globalists in control don’t mind the existence of gold […] The post The Fate and Future of Bitcoin: The Bankster’s... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrencies have blasted off to new all-time highs at the start of 2018. Cryptocurrencies have just rocketed through $700 billion easily surpassing the last all-time high near $640 billion in mid-December before the last “crash”. Most cryptocurrencies have been soaring with the exception of bitcoin which continues to wallow near $15,000 as its transaction speeds […] The post Cryptocurrencies Hit New All-Time High To Ring In... Read more »
  • 2017 is certainly going to be remembered as one of the happiest and most prosperous New Year’s celebrations for TDV subscribers and early cryptocurrency investors! Check out this video compilation we put together featuring some of our happiest subscriber comments and crypto returns! And, keep in mind that TDV newsletter rates will go up in […] The post Happy Crypto New Year from The Dollar Vigilante!... Read more »
  • What a year for cryptos it was! To put it in perspective, bitcoin could fall 90% from current levels and it will still have outperformed stocks, bonds, and real estate in 2017. Bitcoin started 2017 at $960.79. At the time of this writing it is near $13,000 for a gain of 1,250% in 2017. And, […] The post 2017 Was The Year of The Cryptocurrency! Happy... Read more »
  • I just did an interview with Bill Church of the Free Your Mind Podcast and one of the first things he asked me was how I normally explain blockchain technology to someone who knows nothing about it. I explained that in order to understand the value of the blockchain, you need to first learn about […] The post The Battle for Freedom or Tyranny Is Being... Read more »
  • Peter Schill and the Health Ranger are finally right. They were right all along. The cryptocurrencies have all crashed and are headed towards zero. It was only a few days ago I commented that almost every cryptocurrency was in the green. Today was the exact opposite. Cryptocurrencies hit an all-time high of $652 billion just […] The post Black Friday Crypto Crash! Are All Cryptocurrencies Going... Read more »
  • Many people thought that once bitcoin futures began trading on the CBOE that it would allow Wall Street to smash the price of bitcoin lower. Or, as Jim Cramer said, “kibosh” bitcoin. Of course, if you listen to anything Jim Cramer has to say, well chances are you’ve lost a lot of money. As you […] The post Bitcoin Smashes Through $18k… and Now $19k As... Read more »
  • Bitcoin has yet again hit another all-time high today of $17,645.89 on the Coindesk Price Index. Yet, while much of the traditional financial world are piling into bitcoin, the direction of bitcoin has perhaps never been so unsure. I’ve posited my conspiracy theory of how Blockstream and others may have surreptitiously hijacked bitcoin. But, whether […] The post As Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Highs Near $18,000 Its... Read more »
  • It was less than a week ago that we posted, “Bitcoin Smashes Through $10k... Wait... $11k! What The Fk Is Going On?” Now, in the last 24 hours, it has smashed through $12k, then $13k and now $14k to a new all-time high over $14,200. So, it is time to update this table: $0000 - […] The post Bitcoin Just Smashed Through $12k… Wait, $13k… Now... Read more »
  • If you were to tell me that central banks, governments, and Keynesian economists were in an uproar and hated something, I would put my finger to your lips and say, “Shhhh, you don’t even have to tell me what it is. Whatever it is, I love it.” In this particular case, it happens to be […] The post Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing... Read more »

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