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The Dollar Vigilante

    The Dollar Vigilante

  • Whenever I am asked, “How should governments treat cryptocurrencies” my general response is the following. Who cares? You might as well ask me what the Japanese Yakuza or Mexican cartels should do about cryptos. I don’t really care. Not that the Yakuza or the cartels are anywhere near as... Read more »
  • Doesn’t South Africa have the internet yet?  Or, even books? The new South African finance minister, Nhlanhla Nene, has just come out with an amazing plan to help the people!  He will devalue their money into worthlessness! This always works out well.  Nhlanhla has proposed an “ingenious” new plan to help the country's impoverished black population: print money and hand it out to people. The minister declared:... Read more »
  • PayPal has just filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an “Expedited Virtual Currency Transactions System.” The irony of using the state to create a legal monopoly for a crypto-innovation is not lost on me, but it’s no surprise given all we know about PayPal. After all, it was PayPal that once hoped to accomplish what bitcoin already has. As the company’s... Read more »
  • This time last year, we published an article titled “Bitcoin Is Now Good As Gold, Actually It’s Better”. Now, this was back when a single bitcoin traded around $1,280. There were quite a few haters back then who commented on the vblog we did for that same article saying these things:       In the last year,... Read more »
  • Known for co-founding Uber, StumbleUpon, and also founding the venture fund Expa, Garrett Camp is now trying his hand at cryptocurrency – but perhaps he should stick to what he already does well. Announced on March 1, Camp has launched “ECO” coin, a digital global currency that can be used as a payment tool for everyday transactions and “one day will become a cryptocurrency.” Currently, the ECO coin... Read more »
  • I just went on the X22 Report to talk about a number of different things including firstly, the illusion that is the US economic “recovery” and the so-called “draining of the swamp” by selected president Donald Trump. Of course, there has been no recovery, and Trump did drain the swamp...before filling it back up with Goldman Sachs and... Read more »
  • I just did an interview with Crush The Street about how well this year’s Anarchapulco conference went, as well as the status of the cryptocurrency markets. Before I even knew about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, I said the market would provide a solution to the disaster that is the current fiat-based monetary system. Not long after making that comment,... Read more »
  • At Anarchapulco, I did an interview with Crypt0 about my view of the current state of affairs within the cryptocurrency and financial markets. I got to talking about how to maintain your concentration with so many new crypto’s, tokens, and other investment opportunities constantly arising and how to differentiate between scams like Bitconnect and actual, legitimate coins. As... Read more »
  • In the last week, a bloated sack of protoplasm who works for a global enslavement system, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Agustin Carstens, said, bitcoin is "a combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme" and, due to the energy consumption required for mining it, an "environmental disaster." I’d say Agustin Carstens is a natural disaster and... Read more »
  • On Friday, the Dow Jones fell 665.75 points. Or, if you round it, 666 points. Also known to many as the “mark of the beast”. It was also the sixth worst point drop in US stock market history. This also happened on the 33rd day of the year. 33 is the most important number in Freemasonry. This is... Read more »

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