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The Health Ranger Report

    The Health Ranger Report

  • The Health Ranger dares to tell the truth about immigration, refugees and amnesty. Learn more at or    ... Read more »
  • Think you know what's going to happen in the 2018 mid-term elections? Think again! Major events will ERUPT this year, long before the elections are held. What you think you know today may change dramatically. Learn more at or    ... Read more »
  • YouTube's outrageous censorship of the Health Ranger only proves his warnings about censorship were 100% correct. Stay informed at and Read more »
  • Google has been thoroughly exposed as a left-wing racist CULT that systematically oppresses and discriminates against white people (and Asians). Learn more at or Read more »
  • Here's why it's time to arrest and indict the mayors of "sanctuary cities" who are protecting illegal felons from federal deportation. Stay informed at and ... Read more »
  • Under the guiding hand of "Chuck You Schumer," the Democrats shut down the U.S. government for... nothing. The government shutdown ended in left-wing shame and stupidity. What else is new? Stay informed at or    ... Read more »
  • The Health Ranger explains why all the people who freaked out over the reversal of Net Neutrality were BRAINWASHED and uninformed. Stay informed at and Read more »
  • Liberals in San Francisco have been outed as too stupid to figure out how to participate in recycling programs. Learn more at and Read more »
  • Here's why the civil war has already begun in America. Read more at or    ... Read more »
  • The civil war looks like it will begin in California, a lawless rogue state run by a felon-protecting criminal named Jerry Brown. See for more coverage.   ... Read more »
  • Already HALF of last year's cryptocurrency ICOs have crashed and burned. Yep, just like we warned ya... Read more at or    ... Read more »
  • The Health Ranger explains why Japanese culture offers a lot to admire. Stay informed at Read more »
  • We all have a lot to learn from this survivor of Venezuela's economic collapse. Read more at and ... Read more »
  • Look around any given city, and you'll find people who are completely unprepared for unexpected events. No wonder they panic so easily when things happen. Read more at and ... Read more »
  • The hype surrounding "Disease X" may actually be a cover story for a depopulation bioweapon that's about to be released. See more at or ... Read more »
  • Decentralization is the answer to censorship and oppression. Read or to stay informed. ... Read more »
  • Early details on the announcement of the "YouTube alternative" called, which protects free speech for those being censored by YouTube. Learn more at ... Read more »
  • Google-YouTube is censoring independent media in an effort to STEAL the 2018 mid-term elections for corrupt Democrats. Learn more at ... Read more »
  • The Health Ranger announces a certified organic instant flax milk powder called "FlaxJoy." Funny name, but awesome superfood. Find it at Read more »
  • The Health Ranger explains the difference between being driven by principles vs. social conformity. Follow more from the Health Ranger at or Read more »

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