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  • Such a senseless death. Anything above .4 is usually deadly. ---... Read more »
  • Senate Democrats signaled Thursday that they have enough votes to block a short-term spending bill to keep the government open, as the White House expressed frustration with the Republican-led Congress for “being unable to do its job.” At least nine members of the Senate Democratic Caucus who supported the last short-term spending bill in December said they will oppose the latest patch, according to multiple congressional aides. They are Maggie... Read more »
  • California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D-CA) said during a press conference Thursday that employers in California who cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in their rumored upcoming immigration raids would be prosecuted if they cooperate in a manner that violates California law.... Read more »
  • One of Obama’s preferred golf courses, the course on Andrews Airforce Base remains open during the government shutdown. The grocery stores on the base, where troops get discounted groceries for their families are, however, closed. They will shop “at local stores that cost about 30 percent more, Lieutenant General Raymond Mason, the service’s deputy chief of staff for logistics, said yesterday at a House hearing.”... Read more »
  • Interesting list. The lesson here is obvious - don't believe a snowflake... ---... Read more »
  • This is pretty funny... ---... Read more »
  • Clarence "Kelly" Johnson (BSE AeroE ’32, MSE ’33) was a bold an innovative aircraft designer. One of his earlier planes, the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, echoes that description well. It's unique twin-boom and central nacelle (for the cockpit) design gave it great stability and maneuverability at higher speeds than other planes offered... Until it entered a steep dive. Then things went south, fast.... Read more »
  • Turns out that Monsanto’s Big Ag weedkiller and fungicides might lure bees like….well, like a flower to a bee. And like a sweet poison… Recently, we reported the a surprising culprit behind the bee decline might actually be fungicides, but now...... Read more »
  • The name of the super-secret project was Suntan. It was to be the ultimate reconnaissance airplane, flying so high and so fast—it was to cruise above 100,000 feet at Mach 2—that detection would be unlikely and interception impossible. But it also would have been a giant winged thermos bottle, with a fuel tank full of liquid hydrogen at –400 degrees Fahrenheit and its outer skin baking at 350 degrees or... Read more »
  • Pesident Donald Trump’s reported comments maligning the people of African nations were a foreseeable outburst from a man addicted to the cable news culture that consistently portrays the continent in a negative light. They were also, ironically, an indictment of his own leadership style. What the president doesn’t grasp is that if some African nations have been reduced to “shithole countries,” it’s precisely because they’ve been run by leaders like... Read more »
  • On Tuesday, in Russia's Yakutia region, temperatures dropped to an unbelievable 84 degrees below zero. Temperatures are so low that thermometers are freezing and bursting.... Read more »
  • The president relied on a key legal advisor, but his advice could have a downside President Donald Trump personally made the decision to curtail the testimony of former chief White House political strategist Steve Bannon before the House Intelligence Committee, according to two people with firsthand knowledge of the matter. Trump acted to limit Bannon’s testimony based on legal advice provided by Uttam Dhillon, a deputy White House counsel, who... Read more »
  • A man suffered a massive heart attack minutes after the false missile alert in Hawaii. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Tuesday that Sean Shields, 51, started violently throwing up while at the beach on Oahu. The newspaper says he then called his 10-year-old daughter and adult son to say goodbye. Then he drove himself and with his girlfriend to a health center where she says he collapsed in the waiting room.... Read more »
  • Journalist Ben Swann Is Returning Thanks To DASH Cryptocurrency By Derrick Broze After nearly a year of silence on social media, journalist Ben Swann is preparing to make his triumphant return using the popular DASH cryptocurrency. On February 1, 2017, award-winning journalist Ben Swann “went dark” as his social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere were suddenly deactivated. Swann is a well-known local journalist at CBS46 in... Read more »
  • The RD-180 is 40 years old but remains one of the highest performing engines.... Read more »
  • Brrr… So Much for Global Warming Junk Science – US Has Snow Cover in All 50 States... Read more »
  • FBI Loses ALL Credibility=> Is Now Investigating Whether Russians Gave Money to NRA to Help Trump... Read more »
  • Gohmert is on fire... ---... Read more »
  • The girls’ family ended up getting a lot more than they bargained for after giving her daughter the medication, with a range of scary side effects taking hold, including hallucinations and attempts at self-harm. According to her father, the young girl used a desk to try to jump out of the second-story window in her bedroom. Fortunately, her mother caught her just in time to save her from taking what... Read more »
  • Chemotherapy is no walk in the park, yet many people subject themselves to its unpleasant effects in hopes of healing their cancer. Unfortunately, it could all be in vain as yet another concerning study has shown that chemotherapy can actually spread the very disease it is intended to stop. In a study by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, radiation and chemotherapy treatments that kill tumor cells were found to... Read more »

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