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The Richie Allen Show

    The Richie Allen Show

  • The Richie Allen Show for Thursday January 18th 2018. I have a fascinating chat with Dr. Subhash Kak, a Professor of electrical and computer engineering at Oklahoma University. We talk about AI, robots becoming self aware and the dangers for humanity. We talk about whether the universe is a computer simulation and much more. And the brilliant comedienne and singer/songwriter Alison Chabloz is back with an update on her court... Read more »
  • The Richie Allen Show Wednesday January 17th 2018. I saw an incredible interview on YouTube. It was a Sky News interview with former detective Peter Kirkham. Peter was talking about the state of policing in the UK today. His honesty was staggering. Peter joins me tonight to talk about police funding, the future of policing in the UK and the plans to privatize it. And hereditary peer and former UKIP... Read more »
  • The Richie Allen Show Tuesday January 16th 2018. Richie has up to the minute analysis of the days biggest news stories. He reports on the latest on the fallout from the collapse of construction firm Carillion, a hilarious report on how Snowflakes want the TV show Friends removed from Netflix, cos it aint' politically correct, a hysterical meltdown by Sky News reporter Kay Burley and much more too. Don't miss... Read more »
  • I tell you what NO UK news outlet is telling you about the collapse of construction firm Carillion and why the UK government kept awarding it contracts while the company was issuing profit warnings. DO NOT miss this. And the flu vaccine hysteria shows no sign of dying away in the UK, with NHS surgeries being warned (threatened more like) to vaccinate 3 million more so called at-risk people in... Read more »
  • The Richie Allen Show For Sunday January 14th 2018. Richie reviews the Sunday Newspapers. he chats about the prospect of a 2nd EU referendum, Donald Trump's mental health, UKIP racism, Mark Wahlberg giving money to feminists, why you will not get the Flu if the weather freezes and more. support YOUR Richie Allen Show by donating at Read more »

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