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  • Bitcoin has yet again hit another all-time high today of $17,645.89 on the Coindesk Price Index. Yet, while much of the traditional financial world are piling into bitcoin, the direction of bitcoin has perhaps never been so unsure. I’ve posited my conspiracy theory of how Blockstream and others may have surreptitiously hijacked bitcoin. But, whether […] The post As Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Highs Near $18,000 Its... Read more »
  • It was less than a week ago that we posted, “Bitcoin Smashes Through $10k... Wait... $11k! What The Fk Is Going On?” Now, in the last 24 hours, it has smashed through $12k, then $13k and now $14k to a new all-time high over $14,200. So, it is time to update this table: $0000 - […] The post Bitcoin Just Smashed Through $12k… Wait, $13k… Now... Read more »
  • If you were to tell me that central banks, governments, and Keynesian economists were in an uproar and hated something, I would put my finger to your lips and say, “Shhhh, you don’t even have to tell me what it is. Whatever it is, I love it.” In this particular case, it happens to be […] The post Central Banks, Governments & Keynesian Economists Are Losing... Read more »
  • If someone has won a Nobel prize and they are regularly on television programming, you can be assured that they are a shill for the globalist system whose role is to keep people enslaved. In fact, at this point, Nobel prize winners should likely be some of the first people targeted in the upcoming bitcoin assassination […] The post Joseph Stiglitz Calls For The Use Of Violence... Read more »
  • Many people will tell you that the IRS and income tax in the US are unconstitutional. That is totally true… but the CONstitution is also a scam to enslave people while telling them they are free… so who cares. In any case, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies pose the biggest threat to central banks and governments in […] The post A Letter To The IRS: Go Fuck Yourselves... Read more »
  • At the Nexus conference in Aspen, Colorado, recently, I gave a speech about the deterioration and the coming collapse of the United State… or United States as some people call it. I mentioned just how bankrupt the US federal government is and how “Socialist Insecurity” as I call Social Security, is a Ponzi scheme, unsustainable […] The post State of the Disunion: The Truth About The... Read more »
  • I first mentioned bitcoin in a public blog on May 24, 2011, when it was trading at $7. That blog ended with, “The Dollar Vigilante has proudly begun to accept Bitcoin as payment for subscriptions. We will be following its evolution with great interest.” I then went on to co-found the world’s first bitcoin ATM […] The post Bitcoin Smashes Through $10k… Wait… $11k! What The... Read more »
  • The cryptospace has gained $20 billion for the second day in a row and now sits at $294 billion total, led by bitcoin which also has had its second straight day with a 8% gain and now sits just shy of $9,500. From bitcoin’s inception, it took 1,789 days for it to break $1,000. It […] The post Bitcoin Smashes Through $9,000 As All BTC Forks... Read more »
  • Another day, another $20 billion rise in the value of the cryptocurrency space. Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash played a big role in the rise of the space as a whole over the last few weeks and most cryptos were heavily in the green again today. But, today’s big rise in the overall market cap of […] The post Bitcoin Soars To Nearly $9,000 And Over $10,500... Read more »
  •   In the last 24 hours, cryptocurrencies have risen $12 billion in value to $264 billion. One year ago today, the total value of all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin was less than $14 billion. In other words, cryptocurrencies rose more today than almost the entire value they had a year ago… and it wasn’t even a […] The post Cryptocurrencies Continue To Break All-Time Highs appeared first... Read more »
  •   For some reason, most people are only thankful for a few days every year. Why they aren’t thankful and grateful for everything they have every day is anyone’s guess. But, today is the day that most people celebrate a government mandated holiday based on mostly lies about how Europeans committed genocide on the North […] The post Cryptocurrencies Blast Through A Quarter of a Trillion... Read more »
  •   In 2015, the “Panama Papers” were leaked and last week the “Paradise Papers” continued the psyop. Psyop, you say? But, it was on the 'news'! That’s how you know it is a psyop. In this interview with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth, I go into the reasons for this propaganda and who it […] The post What You Should Know About The Paradise Papers... Read more »
  • I was just recently featured on a PressTV special mini-documentary with several other anarchists including Roger Ver, Jeffrey Tucker and Sterlin Luxan to talk about the technology behind bitcoin, as well as to respond to criticisms and attempts to manipulate public opinion about bitcoin from the likes of Jamie Demon and IMF Managing Director, Christine […] The post Will Cryptocurrencies Make Governments and Central Banks Obsolete?... Read more »
  • Bitcoin has just blasted to another new all-time high of $8,055! But, that is the US dollar price. Bitcoin often trades at higher prices in relation to other currencies, but none so much lately as the Zimbabwean “New Zim dollar.” Here’s a little tip. If you have already run one of your fiat currencies into […] The post Bitcoin Blasts Through $8,000… and In Zimbabwe Tops... Read more »
  •   Want to escape from the shackles of debt? Or would you prefer to live a permanent traveler/ prior taxpayer lifestyle? Maybe both? These, among other ways to protect your family and assets, were topics of discussion on the Reluctant Prepper podcast with Dunagun Kaiser which I was just recently on. As I always say […] The post Taxation Is Theft and How To Become a... Read more »
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