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The Health Ranger Report

    The Health Ranger Report

  • The Health Ranger explains why the fundamental pillar of his philosophy is the FREEDOM TO THINK. Stay informed at and    ... Read more »
  • It has now come out that Fusion GPS staged the "Russia collusion" meetings in order to blame Trump! Stay informed at and Read more »
  • The Health Ranger reveals why heavy metals are so common in some supplements, and how to identify CLEAN FOODS that have been lab tested for heavy metals. Learn more at or    ... Read more »
  • Rising Bitcoin prices have unleashed MANIA among Bitcoin advocates, causing them to convince themselves that Bitcoin can never collapse. Stay informed at or    ... Read more »
  • Watch out: It's "false flag" season in America, and the BIG ONE may be right around the corner... Stay informed at and   ... Read more »
  • Is everything a bubble? The Health Ranger explores many of the most egregious bubbles currently in play. Learn more at and   ... Read more »
  • The Health Ranger reveals important tips on how to travel safely, including a really cool tip for how to avoid having your stuff STOLEN! Stay informed at ... Read more »
  • The Health Ranger utterly dismantles the ludicrous "victimology" of the deranged Left, which is too stupid to understand the real definition of "diversity." Stay informed at and ... Read more »
  • Sen. Al Franken says he plans to resign from the U.S. Senate amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Follow more news about Democrats imploding at ... Read more »
  • Think you live in a free country? Think again: If you really lived in a free country, all sorts of things around you would look much different than the way they do now. The Health Ranger explains what the world around you would ACTUALLY look like if you lived in a free country. Stay informed by reading and     ... Read more »
  • As Bitcoin skyrockets past $18,000, I’m issuing a new Bitcoin warning video (see below for the full video). Bitcoin speculation has now clearly reached the level of a “digital tulip bulb mania” that’s going to end catastrophically. Historians will be writing about the mania (and the madness of crowds) for decades to come, and the Bitcoin collapse will be used by the establishment to discredit decentralized systems, libertarians and certain... Read more »
  • It’s an inescapable pattern of human culture: Each new generation believes it is smarter and wiser than the generation before. Throughout the history of western civilization, young innovators believed they had discovered near-magical wealth generating systems that could produce riches without effort. Today, we’re told by enthusiastic youth that Bitcoin is different, too. And if we disagree with them, they say we’re too old or stupid to really understand Bitcoin.... Read more »
  • John Conyers has finally resigned. But he calls it "retirement." Another Democrat bites the dust... Stay informed. Read and    ... Read more »
  • There's nothing the deep state won't do to eliminate Trump from office, including NUKING a U.S. city to kill Trump while blaming North Korea. Stay informed! Read and ... Read more »
  • Charlie Rose is just the latest high-profile serial groper and women abuser to be named. What's wrong with all these people? Why don't they understand the concept of CONSENT? (Oh yeah, because they're all Democrats who are fundamentally totalitarians.) Stay informed at and     ... Read more »
  • The deep state is waging a dangerous political coup against President Trump. Find out more at and ... Read more »
  • North Korea now has the capability to NUKE any city in the United States, including NYC, Miami and Washington D.C. Stay informed at and   ... Read more »
  • Trump was right! Obama used a FISA warrant to illegally surveil Trump's candidacy team. Stay informed at and ... Read more »
  • The very people who need to prepare the most -- CITY people -- are the least likely to be prepared. Get informed at and   ... Read more »
  • To the Left, HATRED toward the correct targets (i.e. Trump) equals LOVE. Thus, according to Leftists, Hate = Love. Stay informed by reading or     ... Read more »
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