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  • Anarchast Ep.438 Jeff Berwick interviews Jason Perz, topics include: getting prescribed opiates from an early age, moving onto heroin, the pharmaceutical industry, street drugs, the truth about jail, the path to addiction, 8 years sober and helping others, the CIA and drug production, addiction and the current system, the lack of freedom, cannabis vs addiction, connecting to life, the nature of addiction, decriminalization, getting off heroin. reaching out for help... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.437 Jeff Berwick interviews Mike Maloney of, well known author of ‘The Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver’ and ‘The Hidden Secrets of Money’ video series. Topics include: most of the strife of mankind comes from government, over-regulation and taxation, economic inefficiency, voluntary transactions create prosperity, people are typically good, $30,000 to file a tax return, stolen purchasing power, government doesn’t do anything well, EOS and... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.436 Jeff Berwick interviews Roy Duarte. Topics include: marxism in Mexican universities, the desire for power, the hypocrisy of anarcho-communists, the unconquered town of Cheran, freedom in Mexico, kicking out the oppressors, cop free zones in Mexico, teaching Cheran about crypto, the Freos project, breathing new life into Anarchast Espanol Cheran Community donation addresses: Bitcoin:3AAi1kiHV2ETco2GU4kETVy4o8c9aT5Eo6 Bitcoin Cash:pppffjwrkwrl0as8kl9jdcdp68jvcz4f0y3vuv9d8p Ethereum:0x854be3b25a7426f280a807e22e64374f900f0c90 Litecoin:MKk8ZBeLSmt3TEjeJJur3urw2bEs5RBWX7 TrueUSD0:0x854be3b25a7426f280a807e22e64374f900f9c90 Ripple:rLSn6Z3T8uCxbcd1oxwfGQN1Fdn5CyGujK Cheran Resin Distillery donation addresses: Bitcoin:38q8h3rvgJ8SyZpjp4DMASF6N4HfKK5x6n Ethereum:0xa71032630655a18207abc0fab7b471ffa4d93e68 Ripple:rLSn6Z3T8uCxbcd1oxwfGQN1Fdn5CyGujK... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.435 Jeff Berwick interviews stateless man Steve Zedski, stranded in London after the Polish government cancelled his passport. Topics include: the Polish anti-communist movement, passport arbitrarily cancelled, renouncing citizenship, the unfortunate need for a travel document, Liberland passports, getting a second passport, blockchain based identification, international databases, need for return tickets on entry, Kafkaesque nightmare… Vit jedlicka and Liberland: Tey El-Rjula is a refugee with the Travel Document... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.434 Jeff Berwick interviews Nigel Howitt from Living Outside The Matrix and Lawful Rebel TV, topics include: the free man movement, asking for regulatory proof from the government, is the state above men? the government considers you their chattel, all roads lead to being an anarchist, challenging the law, jury nullification, self representation in court, anarchy is natural, religion and anarchy, the immorality of involuntary collectivism, the inhumanity of... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.433 Jeff Berwick interviews documentary filmmaker, Chis Harrington, Topics include: the documentary Anarchapocalypse, Cherán, an Anarchistic town in Mexico, anarchism comes naturally to Mexico, self government, the growth of the liberty movement and Anarchapulco, the making of the vital documentary Anarchapocalypse, seeking some support from the community. Support the Anarchapocalypse project via Patreon: Anarchast with Rick Simpson: Chris Harrigan on Steemit: Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco,... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.432 Jeff Berwick interviews Tantra Educator and author of ‘Venus and Her Lover’, Becca Tzigany. Topics include: born free, Tantra and Anarchy, mastering your own energy, the political aspect of Tantra, controlling people through their sexual energy, the wasting of orgasmic energy, childhood trauma and mind control, the practice of Tantra, Tantra workshops, potentized clean sexuality, self enlightenment, Tantra at Anarchapulco 2019! Venus and Her Lover website: Becca... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.431 Jeff Berwick interviews right hand man of Doug Casey, Joel Bowman. Topics include: joining Doug Casey and The International Man, coercion vs cooperation, we are all born Anarchists, the modern education system, collective punishment, the slow erosion of freedom, the false dilemma of the 2 party system, democracy and mob rule, living an international lifestyle, life in Dubai, Taiwan and Argentina, relative safety of different places, crisis vacationing,... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.430 Jeff Berwick interviews Dayna Martin, community producer for Anarchapulco 2019. Topics include, the recent meeting of Anarchapulco organizers in Acapulco Mexico, the entire hotel is brought out for 2019, so much more happening for 2019, big focus on community and creativity, showing what Anarchy is really like , Ron Paul back for 2019, Judge Napolitano, David Icke, Doug Casey, a lot of new speakers to be announced soon,... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.429 Jeff Berwick interviews Christof Melchizedek of the Innerversity of Divine Perfection. Topics include: vitality and well-being, corporations and cancer, deep self transformation, returning to your divine template, the internal work is the most important, programming your DNA, energy from zero point field, the energetic basis of childhood traumas and how we project them, quality of experience, universal love, moving into a new golden age of decentralization, karma and... Read more »

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    The image above and the videoclip below is extracted from from the Corbett Report film Killer Robots on the Black Market. Video Courtesy: Archive:   Sources: […]
  • PressTV: Putin calls for stepped up humanitarian efforts in SyriaPressTV: Putin calls for stepped up humanitarian efforts in Syria
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    (C)Image:   PressTV reported on Sunday, August 19, 2018 on their YouTube channel that:   “Russia’s president has stressed the necessity of stepping up humanitarian efforts in Syria where people have been bearing the brunt of war since 2011. Vladimir Putin who is on an official visit to Germany, made the remarks alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel. For her […]
  • Fake News: “Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down”Fake News: “Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down”
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        August 16, 2018 – Alex Jones is being blamed for having had a pirate radio station in Austin Texas raided and shut down.   Although Infowars is in no way connected with a pirate radio station in Austin Texas, the MSM implies Alex Jones has shady business relationships.   The Mainstream Media is ramping up their attacks against Alex Jones and Infowars by claiming that […]
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    Herbs and Spices by Dr. Josh Axe […]
  • Alex Jones and Infowars thrives despite bansAlex Jones and Infowars thrives despite bans
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    It seems the bans from YouTube and other platforms like Facebook has boosted Alex Jones and Infowars rather then shut him down.   In on Friday, August 10, 2018 they wrote:   Some of the nation’s largest technology and social media companies have tried to stop Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories. But in a digital world, their attempts seem to have barely slowed him […]
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