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  • If you’ve been following my personal life you may have noticed that I've been doing deep work on myself… in preparation for what has begun today. I remarried and recommited wholly to my wife and family and spent the last few days in final, spiritual preparation for what is to come. And, I spent a few hours... Read more »
  • He’s a man without a country… even if not by choice. Steve Zedski has recently found himself stranded in London and effectively disowned by his native land of Poland. Upon arriving in the Queen’s capital, British customs criminals (agents) informed him that there was a “problem” with his papers---and... Read more »
  • Everyone knows “reality” TV star and US President Donald Trump loves to tweet. Sometimes inappropriate things, scandalous things, controversial and even straight-up disturbing things, but occasionally, the “leader of the free world” also manages to tweet a secretive thing -- and this time it could be for the better, as it's already cost the IRS millions. It... Read more »
  • Land of the free? Protectors of freedom of speech? Right to own arms? I’m not sure what country you’re thinking of… if there is one, it’s Liberland. But the last place with those values is the US… or USSA as I call it. The creator of Defense Distributed---a website offering... Read more »
  • Do you own yourself? It’s a question I often ask when presenting at conferences all over the world---and the answers I get aren’t always the most… inspiring. It’s fair enough: as popular as libertarianism has become over the years---and as fast as cryptocurrency exploded---a large portion of the population is... Read more »
  • Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? Celebrities for socialism… it’s plausible deniability for the filthy rich. Sure, Jim Carrey earned his fortune by entertaining hundreds of millions of people for decades. But when you live in a mansion like this… … and you have a net... Read more »
  • When I visit the USSA after traveling everywhere lately, I’m reminded it’s really turning into a third world country. Much of the infrastructure in the states is sub-par or being depleted, from roads to airports and more, while trillions of dollars are poured into war-expenditures, and now even entities... Read more »
  • The way economist Paul Krugman sees it, “fiat currencies have underlying value because men with guns say they do.” Chk-chk, boom! No, we aren’t paraphrasing. Yes, that’s a DIRECT quote. Krugman actually spoke the truth for once. It’s quite rare for someone to be so ridiculously bad at predictions and... Read more »
  • Just. Follow. Your. Passion. At this point, self-help has almost become a cliche of itself, and sometimes the best advice is the simplest advice. Or how about NO ADVICE? Usually, action trumps theory, right? Yet, action is the most challenging part of all. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy... Read more »
  • It was 2009 when I began my work in spreading the anarcho-capitalist message of peace and prosperity. Since launching The Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast, nearly a decade ago, times have sure changed. For starters, I’ve changed---and thank goodness… That’s a screenshot from the very first episode of Anarchast---humble origins... Read more »

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  • The Libya ReportThe Libya Report
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    The image above and the videoclip below is extracted from from the Corbett Report film Killer Robots on the Black Market. Video Courtesy: Archive:   Sources: […]
  • PressTV: Putin calls for stepped up humanitarian efforts in SyriaPressTV: Putin calls for stepped up humanitarian efforts in Syria
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    (C)Image:   PressTV reported on Sunday, August 19, 2018 on their YouTube channel that:   “Russia’s president has stressed the necessity of stepping up humanitarian efforts in Syria where people have been bearing the brunt of war since 2011. Vladimir Putin who is on an official visit to Germany, made the remarks alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel. For her […]
  • Fake News: “Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down”Fake News: “Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down”
    In News
        August 16, 2018 – Alex Jones is being blamed for having had a pirate radio station in Austin Texas raided and shut down.   Although Infowars is in no way connected with a pirate radio station in Austin Texas, the MSM implies Alex Jones has shady business relationships.   The Mainstream Media is ramping up their attacks against Alex Jones and Infowars by claiming that […]
  • Herbs and Spices by Dr. Josh AxeHerbs and Spices by Dr. Josh Axe
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    Herbs and Spices by Dr. Josh Axe […]
  • Alex Jones and Infowars thrives despite bansAlex Jones and Infowars thrives despite bans
    In News
    It seems the bans from YouTube and other platforms like Facebook has boosted Alex Jones and Infowars rather then shut him down.   In on Friday, August 10, 2018 they wrote:   Some of the nation’s largest technology and social media companies have tried to stop Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories. But in a digital world, their attempts seem to have barely slowed him […]
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