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  • The launch of the unique Spektr-RG observatory and restoration of one of the world’s largest radio telescopes in Crimea shows Russia is serious about regaining its position as a top space power, experts have told RT. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Prosecutors in Massachusetts have dropped sexual assault charges against actor Kevin Spacey, citing “unavailability of the witness.” Spacey was facing a felony charge of indecent assault and battery. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • The US Department of Defense will send 2,100 troops to the Mexican border, to bolster the 4,500 military personnel already there. The move comes amid Democratic Party criticism of President Trump’s immigration policies. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has defiantly refused to cooperate with a UN human rights tribunal, saying that if he is ever to be put on trial over his ‘War on Drugs’, it would have to be in the Philippines. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Washington is cutting Ankara out of the F-35 program, because the stealth fighter “cannot coexist” alongside the Russian air defense systems currently being delivered to Turkey, the White House announced. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Juventus are set to confirm the signing of Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt, 19, from Ajax in a deal worth a reported €75 million (US$85 million), making him one of the most expensive teenagers ever in world football. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • English golfer Paul Casey wowed spectators at his final British Open practice round at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland on Wednesday, landing a perfectly executed chip shot from inside a storm shelter to the green. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Cambodia will return 83 shipping containers loaded with plastic waste to the United States and Canada, the country’s Environment Ministry has announced. The move comes as Southeast Asia tires of accepting the west’s refuse. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • South Korea's women's water polo team may have been suffering a second successive hammering at the World Championships but there were heartwarming scenes when they burst into tears on scoring in their 30-1 defeat by Russia. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • As birth rates plummet in the US, greater numbers of Americans are opting to skip the joys of parenthood – some seeking personal happiness and freedom, others to save a dying planet. In a new film, RTD gave their views a hearing. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has lashed out at CNN over a report claiming whistleblower Julian Assange turned the country’s embassy in London into a “command post for election meddling,” branding the story “rubbish.” Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Read Full Article at Read more »
  • More than sixty Labour Lords have taken an advert out in The Guardian to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of having “failed the test of leadership” on anti-Semitism. Taking a moral stand or a cynical ploy to force the opposition leader out? Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Attempts to diminish the triumph of Apollo 11 and to reassign credit don’t just taint the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, but presage the technological decline of the US if it persists with identity politics. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Todd Boehly, part owner of MLB franchise the LA Dodgers, is said to be interested in expanding his sports empire by making an official bid to buy Roman Abramovich's Chelsea or their London rivals Tottenham, according to reports. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • A Russian woman was reportedly held by customs officials for seven hours after ordering an unregistered drug online for her terminally ill son. The news disturbed many people and even left the Kremlin “seriously concerned.” Read Full Article at Read more »
  • A Rasmussen poll shows President Donald Trump’s approval has risen to 50 percent, after the president verbally locked horns with a cohort of female Congresswomen – making comments about their origins that some say were racist. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • The United Nations’ highest court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), has voted in favor of a stay of execution for former Indian Navy commander Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav, who was convicted of espionage by Pakistan in 2017. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • Air France could face trial for manslaughter and negligence over the 2009 crash which killed 228 people on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, if new advice from French prosecutors is followed. Read Full Article at Read more »
  • The next fight in UFC veteran Jorge Masvidal's career is pivotal. That's why he should drop everything and chase a money-spinning fight with cash cow Conor McGregor, rather than a welterweight title fight versus Kamaru Usman. Read Full Article at Read more »

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