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  • Legendary former Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez looks set to be tasked with re-establishing his boyhood club to European football's top table as reports suggest he is poised to take the reins at the Camp Nou. Numerous reports on Thursday have stated that Xavi, 41, will replace Ronald Koeman as early as this weekend after the Dutchman paid the ultimate price for Barcelona's miserable start to their Liga campaign, with Wednesday's... Read more »
  • Responsibility for the results of the European Union’s energy policies cannot be placed on Moscow, says Russia’s permanent representative to the bloc, Vladimir Chizhov. “Russia is not responsible for Europe’s energy crisis, it lies on those people responsible for the energy policy,” Chizhov told RT on the sidelines of the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, Italy. According to the envoy, EU officials also blame the insufficient rates of introducing... Read more »
  • Only five nations on the African continent will fully inoculate 40% of their populations by the end of the year, and hit the WHO’s target, with an “imminent shortfall” of syringes likely to hinder further progress in 2022. In a virtual press conference on Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) Africa region chiefs said only five countries were likely to hit the target of fully vaccinating 40% of their populations... Read more »
  • The leader of Russia’s controversial anti-LGBT, anti-feminist group ‘Male State’ had said he won’t pay a penny towards lawsuits filed by a chain of Japanese restaurants, after a court ruled it was an ‘extremist’ organization. On Thursday, Vladislav Pozdnyakov said that, despite the lawsuits filed against him and his group by the sushi franchise Tanuki, he would not hand over any money by way of reparations. The company made two... Read more »
  • A CGI dinosaur talking with the voice of fan-favorite actor Jack Black took center stage at the UN’s General Assembly chamber to tell politicians to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and do more to tackle climate change. The short clip was released by the UN’s Development Programme (UNDP) as the centerpiece of its ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ public awareness campaign. The polar bear-sized reptilian was shown startling a UN meeting with his... Read more »
  • Women's football superstar Megan Rapinoe has expressed her disgust at the passing of a bill in Texas banning transgender girls from participating in female sports at school. Ballon d'Or Feminin winner Rapinoe has been outspoken in her contempt for laws that prevent girls who have transitioned from participating with competitors born as women, warning that the legislation is harmful and aims to deal with what she believes is a non-existent... Read more »
  • Equating the leadership of the Soviet Union with Adolf Hitler’s wartime regime could lead to arrests and hefty fines in Russia, under new plans currrently being drawn up by the country’s parliament to protect historical memory. On Wednesday, State Duma deputies published a new draft bill on the lower chamber’s website that would see anyone equivalating the actions of the two historical powers face financial penalties and even jail time.... Read more »
  • India has test-fired a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile which can reach almost all of China, just weeks after it was reported that Beijing undertook a successful hypersonic missile test this summer. In a statement on Wednesday evening, India lauded the first test of its Agni-5 missile. The missile was inducted over three years ago, but Wednesday’s launch was the first time the rocket had been trialed by the user agency,... Read more »
  • Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and his family are organizing a human trafficking ring and bringing migrants into the EU in an attempt to weaken the Union, France’s Secretary of State for European Affairs has claimed. Speaking on Wednesday, Clément Beaune said that Minsk wants to break up the EU through mass immigration. “Human trafficking is organized by the Lukashenko family directly, along with third countries,” he said. “It is cleverly... Read more »
  • Beijing has warned the US against military contact with Taipei and “interference in China’s internal affairs,” after the island’s leader confirmed that a small number of US troops are stationed in Taiwan. “We firmly oppose any form of official exchanges and military contacts between the United States and Taiwan, oppose US interference in China’s internal affairs, and attempts to provoke and stir up trouble,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin... Read more »
  • Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has said the country’s farmers would have to “grab a rifle” and shoot their cattle to curb methane emissions if the government’s ‘Net Zero’ plan did not have a livestock exclusion. On Thursday, the National Party leader claimed he had wrangled a “carve-out” commitment from Prime Minister Scott Morrison to exclude agricultural methane emissions from the country’s 2050 emission reductions target. Joyce told reporters... Read more »
  • South African cricketer Quinton de Kock has reversed his decision not to take a knee prior to games in the ongoing T20 World Cup after a mini media storm was ignited within the sport when he initially defied team orders to do so. De Kock, 28, said in a statement that he is now "more than happy" to take a knee prior to games in the tournament in the United... Read more »
  • Rising fuel costs in Europe highlight the serious risks of impulsive energy transition and negligent attitude towards traditional energy, according to Igor Sechin, head of Russian state-run oil giant Rosneft. “The gas crisis in Europe had demonstrated the importance of commodity inventories,” Sechin said, speaking at the 14th Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, Italy. According to the head of Russia’s oil and gas major, the current shortage of long-term contracts... Read more »
  • A teenager in the UK has been sentenced to at least 35 years in prison for murdering two sisters in a brutal stabbing that, a court heard, was part of a "contract" he'd made to offer a sacrifice to a demon to secure a lottery win. Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were killed in a random attack on June 6, 2020, in  London, after meeting to celebrate Henry's birthday. Smallman... Read more »
  • Emiliano Sala's family have welcomed a guilty verdict on the organizer of his tragic final fight, with a jury ruling that the businessman endangered the safety of the aircraft that crashed into the English channel in January 2019. UK-based David Henderson, 67, was found guilty by a verdict of ten to two at Cardiff Crown Court, which ruled on the aircraft operator after a jury of seven men and five women... Read more »
  • Joe Lonsdale, the co-founder of controversial analytics company Palantir, is facing heavy backlash after calling men who take time off work to look after their newborn children “losers.” Following comments by podcast host Joe Rogan criticizing the concept of paternity leave, singling out US Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg – who has been on leave since August – Lonsdale also weighed in on Twitter. “Great for fathers to spend time with... Read more »
  • For centuries, there’s been talk of Russia converging on the West, emulating it. Now, though, divergence is the new name of the game, and, as Vladimir Putin said last week, the West is moving in a direction Moscow won’t follow. The Russian president, it seems, has been working on his own concept of the elusive ‘Russian idea’ – a concept that has long puzzled philosophers and historians. At its heart,... Read more »
  • Klim Shipenko has insisted that going to space to shoot footage for a feature film was a transformational experience. There are some ideas you simply cannot come up with down on Earth, according to the pioneering Russian director. Shipenko was part of a two-person Russian production that spent 12 days on board the International Space Station (ISS) filming scenes for the upcoming title ‘The Challenge’. The moviemaker, who had previously... Read more »
  • Max and Stacy discuss the surging wealth gap around the world as trillions in stimulus packages boost the assets of the wealthiest 10%, while making the bottom 90% poorer by eroding the value of fiat money. For more stories on economy & finance visit RT's business section ... Read more »
  • The A.30 variant of the coronavirus, detected in Angola and Sweden, is highly resistant to antibodies induced by the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, a new lab study has shown. A team from Germany looked at the rare A.30 variant that was first recorded in Tanzania and later detected in several patients in Angola and Sweden this spring. They compared the mutation to the Beta and Eta variants. Beta was chosen... Read more »

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