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  • Alien enthusiasts are descending on rural Nevada en masse for a pair of festivals celebrating Area 51 and the UFOs it could be hiding – but locals don't want them there and neither do the military, who've called in reinforcements. UFO enthusiasts have begun making the pilgrimage out to Rachel and Hiko, Nevada, sites of two competing festivals scheduled for this weekend, real-life versions of the "Storm Area 51" event... Read more »
  • Facebook has invoked its free speech right as a publisher, insisting its ability to smear users as extremists is protected – but its legal immunity thus far has rested on a law that protects platforms, not publishers. Which is it? Facebook has declared it has the right, as a publisher, to exercise its own free speech and bar conservative political performance artist Laura Loomer from its platform. Even calling her... Read more »
  • US President Donald Trump got “played” with misinformation by Israeli officials including PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who’d take liberties with the truth if it would sway the US, according to ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The embattled Israeli leader is “an extraordinarily skilled” politician, but “a bit Machiavellian,” Tillerson told an audience at Harvard University on Tuesday in a private panel discussion. In dealing with Bibi, it’s always useful to... Read more »
  • Chinese tech titan Huawei has launched a new flagship smartphone, but without popular Google apps such as Chrome or YouTube, a result of sanctions levied on the firm as part of the trade war between Washington and Beijing. Rolling out its Mate 30 phone series at an event in Munich on Thursday, the company was forced to debut the new gadget stripped of all proprietary Google software, including the Google... Read more »
  • The Saudi-led coalition has launched a new military operation north of Hodeidah, the crucial port city where nearly all of Yemen’s scarce food and other supplies are delivered, against what it called “legitimate military targets,” state-run Ekhbariya TV reported on Friday. The coalition put out a call to civilians to keep clear of the operation’s targets, even though it is unclear how much of the Yemeni population – 80 percent... Read more »
  • A real-time deepfake construct of Vladimir Putin was interviewed live on stage by the MIT Technology Review editor, who ducked into a booth to play the Russian leader. Perfect? Not quite, but rapidly crossing the uncanny valley. The computerized Putin was asked about (what else) the ‘Russian meddling’ in US politics – specifically, about the much-hyped use of deepfakes and other deceptive technology Americans have been told to expect in... Read more »
  • The US State Department has ordered two Cuban diplomats to leave the country for allegedly “abusing their privileges of residence” by attempting to “conduct influence operations against the United States.” Other Cuban diplomats traveling to the US have had their movement restricted to Manhattan, where the United Nations headquarters is located. “We take any and all attempts against the national security of the United States seriously, and will continue to... Read more »
  • Just when you thought the Russiagate horse was well and truly dead, count on House Intelligence chair Adam Schiff to whip it back into life with another saucy tale of collusion, conspiracy and cover-up. President Donald Trump’s alleged “collusion” with Russia to swing the 2016 election has largely been absent from the news of late. After the Mueller Report cleared the president of wrongdoing, and after the damp squib that... Read more »
  • YouTube has stripped all of its channels of automatic verification. From now on the platform will decide who to verify with a checkmark – and who to ignore. The move has content creators livid. Unlike Twitter’s policy of assigning the coveted blue checkmark to users who prove their identity, YouTube has automatically verified any channel passing 100,000 subscribers, until now. The company – a subsidiary of Google – announced an... Read more »
  • A massive blaze has engulfed a central mall in the Chechen capital of Grozny. Infernal videos from the scene show all three floors of the building on fire and emergency workers struggling to contain the flames. The blaze consumed 700 square meters of the Grand Park shopping center on Thursday, after starting on the upper level of and quickly spreading to lower floors.  Massive blaze engulfed central mall in the... Read more »
  • Saudi Arabia has won membership on the governing body of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, according to a report by the Saudi state media. The Kingdom was voted onto the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) board of governors on Thursday, the Saudi Press Agency reported. Riyadh currently lacks a functioning nuclear energy program, but IAEA officials said in April that the Kingdom is expected to complete its first reactor by... Read more »
  • There’s just no end to revelations of embarrassing imagery for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, with the media digging up the third alleged instance of him wearing blackface in 24 hours. Worse yet, it appears to point at him lying. The latest video clip – which shows Prime Minister Trudeau in dark face and body paint, laughing and waving his hands in the air – was obtained by Canada’s Global News.... Read more »
  • Russia and China have blocked a UN Security Council resolution on the truce in Syria’s Idlib province as it didn’t provide an exemption for military action against terrorist groups blacklisted by the UN itself. It was the 13th time that Moscow has used its veto power at the UNSC since the Syrian conflict broke out in 2011. The real aim of the resolution, put together by Kuwait, Germany and Belgium,... Read more »
  • US amateur boxer Richard Torrez left the ring on a stretcher after suffering a brutal KO at the hands of Uzbekistan’s Bakhodir Jalolov – who has six pro bouts to his name – at the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Russia. Jalolov sent Torrez crashing to the canvas with a huge left hook inside the first round of their super-heavyweight quarter-final bout in Ekaterinburg. Torrez, 20, left ring on a... Read more »
  • Authorities are at a loss to explain why several babies born in a west German province have similar hand deformities. One hospital, where three such cases were seen, described the baffling phenomenon as “striking.” With “no nationwide registry” to keep track of deformities, the St. Mary’s Hospital in Gelsenkirchen, near Dortmund, has admitted it is difficult to accurately monitor the situation or establish any kind of pattern. Three babies were... Read more »
  • A UK travel firm that specializes in holidays for over-50s has come under fire on social media and branded “xenophobic,” after customers were sent a brochure promoting a cruise “exclusively for Brits.” Twitter user Anthony Bale took to social media on Thursday to claim his mother had been left “shocked” and “outraged” after being sent the ‘Brits only’ Saga travel magazine. He posted a picture of the front cover that... Read more »
  • Sportswear giant Nike has severed ties with NFL star Antonio Brown amid rape claims against the New England Patriots wide receiver, according to reports in the US. Britney Taylor, a former college gymnastics star, alleges that Brown sexually assaulted her twice during training sessions in June 2017 and raped her in May 2018. The NFL star has denied the claims. READ MORE: NFL star Antonio Brown accused of rape by former... Read more »
  • With fiat currencies losing reliability worldwide, digital coins are changing the public mindset, giving their owners the means to store wealth safely and use the “free money” to exercise other freedoms, an expert tells RT. “Bitcoin changes people, the time horizon changes, people start thinking about the future, long-term solutions, longer legacies due to this idea that you can store wealth for a very long time with bitcoin,” Francis Pouliot... Read more »
  • UFC thoroughbreds Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will do battle for the UFC's newly-instituted (and somewhat make-believe) 'BMF' title at UFC 244 in Madison Square Garden, but who would be next in line to take on the winner? In a move which could be seen as unusual, the UFC have taken steps to file trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for ownership of the phrases 'bad motherf*cker'... Read more »
  • Austrian lawmakers have voted to oppose a proposed free trade pact between the European Union and the Mercosur bloc of four South American countries, highlighting resistance to the deal from some EU members. Nearly all parties in the Austrian parliament’s EU subcommittee voted against the draft for a EU-Mercosur free trade agreement late on Wednesday. That means the government has been told to vote against the deal, Reuters said. Mercosur,... Read more »

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