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  • Prof. Luc Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE). While it is understood that viruses mutate, causing variants, French Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier contends that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.” The 2008 Nobel Laureate made the explosive comments as part of a larger interview with Pierre Barnérias of Hold-Up Media earlier this month. The... Read more »
  • By Neenah Payne Food security is not something anyone can take for granted now. Industrial chemical agriculture is destroying our soils and our health. Since it ramped up in the 1970s, we’ve lost one third of the Earth’s topsoil. Here is a comprehensive look at the many strategies being utilized to maintain food security, including local initiatives in Brooklyn, NY...... Read more »
  • ... Read more »
  • Get me-- I'm helping! (Meme)... Read more »
  • “RINOs are Ruining America, Right Alongside Communist Democrats” – President Trump SLAMS Mitch McConnell and Feckless Republicans... Read more »
  • Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today led more than 40 members of the House Republican conference in calling on CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to publish the available data on the frequency of breakthrough infections of COVID-19 in vaccinated individuals. The letter, which was first reported by Fox News, highlights how the CDC stopped collecting this information in May and expresses concern that the CDC is unable to make reliable predictions with... Read more »
  • Unfortunately, as we all now know, it could. In the most recent tally, 6,373 Massachusetts residents have contracted so-called breakthrough cases of COVID-19 — an infinitesimal percentage of those who have been vaccinated but still a source of anxiety for many and heartbreak for the families of 91 who have died. Though the vast majority of cases are mild, the uptick — sparked by the highly contagious Delta variant —... Read more »
  • In 2021, the left have become the establishment, projecting their tyrannical intolerance everywhere. Where backing the right would once have been sneered at, it’s now the only alternative for those who aim to shake up the system. The progressive entertainment establishment within the rock music industry was shocked, back in the early 2000s, when groundbreaking guitarist Johnny Ramone came out as Republican. How could a great American rocker, who once... Read more »
  • Philadelphia officials are planning to reject a Republican lawmaker’s request for access to the city’s voting machines as part of a “forensic investigation” into the 2020 election, according to a draft letter disclosed ahead of debate on the issue on Friday. In the letter, Philadelphia’s elections chief, Lisa Deeley, said the city’s 2020 election and 2021 primary were “secure, fair, and free from interference” and that handing over equipment would... Read more »
  • C hina has threatened stern action against the Royal Navy’s carrier strike group (CSG) if it does not “remain restrained and obey the rules” as it sails through the South China Sea. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace set the scene earlier this month for a confrontation with Beijing when he said the deployment led by the flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth would sail on any route defined as legitimate under international law.... Read more »
  • CNN anchor Don Lemon said Thursday during the handoff between shows that it was time to blame the “selfish” and “ignorant” unvaccinated for the coronavirus Delta variant surge. Lemon said, “I don’t know if we can get this under control. We had the opportunity. None of this had to happen. Children didn’t have to get sick. If we didn’t let the virus to mutate and this variant to catch on,... Read more »
  • Countries where the death penalty exists (Map)... Read more »
  • White House’s Statement Trying to Explain Biden’s Claim He “Used to Drive an 18-Wheeler” is Laughable... Read more »
  • Losing your job as a single dad of 3 because you refuse to wear a mask (Picture)... Read more »
  • EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Fulton County Election Official, Richard Baron, Reported Conflicting Vote Totals the Day After the 2020 Election... Read more »
  • Former U.S. Senator Carl Levin has died at age 87 after a battle with lung cancer.... Read more »
  • Biden Calls on All States to Offer Significant Cash Incentives to the Newly Vaccinated... Read more »
  • Hunter Biden was seen on Wednesday living the California dream - surfing in Malibu with former professional surfer Strider Wasilewski, and beaming from ear to ear as he managed to stand on his board.... Read more »
  • Get out! (Video)... Read more »
  • BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Jovan Pulitzer Announces He Has Obtained Full Funding for Kinematic Forensic Audit of Entire State of Michigan... Read more »

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