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  • The public elementary and secondary schools in the District of Columbia spent $30,115 per pupil during the 2016-2017 school year, according to Table 236.75 in the Department of Education’s “Digest of Education Statistics.” But only 23% of the eighth graders in the D.C. public schools were proficient or better in reading in 2019, according to the department’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, tests.... Read more »
  • President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the only reason the Democrats are denigrating the fact that a vaccine might be approved before the election is that they fear he would get credit for it. The Democrats are desperate to find new ways of accusing Trump. This time, they started to kick President Donald Trump under the bus by saying the vaccine will not work. They are doing everything in... Read more »
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  • Tim Tebow, the former college football star and Christian role model, has joined the Trump administration’s efforts to combat human trafficking. Tebow joined Attorney General Bill Barr and Ivanka Trump in a discussion against human trafficking in Atlanta on Monday. At the event, Barr announced that the Trump administration would give $100 million in grants to tribal and local communities to fight against human trafficking.... Read more »
  • After years of constant media fear-mongering, a sizeable number of Americans continue to believe in the disproven “Russiagate” conspiracy theory. Putin, the story goes, owns Donald Trump and engaged in a massive propaganda campaign via social media, hacking elections, and other collusion forms to ensure that Trump was elected. Now, Putin sits like Cobra Commander in the Kremlin, directed Trump’s actions, and Trump does what he is told. Yet these... Read more »
  • After its credibility took a major beating following its latest confusing shift in its guidance, the CDC has released guidelines for the holiday season that many Americans will likely find a little too cumbersome to manage. The guidelines urge Americans to limit dinners to immediate family only; celebrations with larger groups of relatives - if they must be held - should be held outside. For most of the country east... Read more »
  • An anonymous former YouTube content moderator is suing the Google-owned video sharing platform, claiming she's suffering depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being forced to watch "objectionable content such as child sexual abuse, rape, torture, bestiality, beheadings, suicide, and murder."... Read more »
  • This morning Martin Armstrong shifted his analysis of the current push by the global elite I call The Davos Crowd in an important post stating that the goal of this push was to bring about the rise of the UN to the status of world government during this next period of history . The stated goal? Bring on the Green New Deal to save us all from Climate Change. The... Read more »
  • As doubts about the FDA's credibility grow as the agency awaits the initial results from the frontrunner's "Phase 3" trials, the leading vaccine makers are working to further expedite the approval process by streamlining procedures to try and make a determination about whether their vaccine "works or not" within the next month or so. The issue, as Bloomberg reports, is that the leading vaccine companies are shooting for low targets... Read more »
  • A powerful blast in south Lebanon caused temporary panic after it was heard and felt for miles away on Tuesday. Images and video of the explosion spread across social media Tuesday, with initial conflicting reports saying it was either the result of an Israeli attack, or a gas station that went up in flames.... Read more »
  • In what is perhaps the most compelling sign yet that Beijing has put the kibosh on the Oracle-TikTok deal, the Global Times on Tuesday published a scathing editorial attacking President Trump for attempting a "robbery" of TikTok and violate China's "dignity." The paper's editorial writers echoed claims made in an editorial published more than six weeks ago by the People's Daily - that Beijing would never tolerate Trump transferring majority... Read more »
  • Alt-right media personality Cassandra Fairbanks’ witness testimony was read out in court yesterday, providing evidence that Julian Assange’s April 2019 arrest at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London was politically motivated and directed by United States President Donald Trump. Fairbanks testified that Arthur Schwartz, a wealthy Republican Party donor and key Trump ally, had told her that Assange was taken from the Ecuadorian Embassy “on orders from the president.” The conversation... Read more »
  • If the Democrats manage to push Joe Biden over the finish line in November’s election, he will find himself presiding over a decadent, declining empire. He will either continue the policies that have led the American empire to decadence and decline, or seize the moment to move our nation into a new phase: a transition to a peaceful and sustainable post-imperial future. The foreign policy team Biden assembles will be... Read more »
  • In a piece I wrote within days of the attack in 2001, I noted how Arab Americans were overcome by a flood of conflicting emotions. We were horrified by the devastation and enormous loss of life. We were shaken by stories of the innocents who lost their lives. We were angry at the murderers who had committed these heinous acts. But within hours after the attacks, we were forced to... Read more »
  • The Center for Biological Diversity sued the administration for public records detailing the U.S. government’s efforts on behalf of Bayer, the maker of the herbicide glyphosate, to convince Thailand last year to reverse its planned ban of the cancer-linked chemical. The lawsuit comes after documents previously obtained by the Center revealed evidence that the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. trade officials worked closely with the pesticide and processed-food industries... Read more »
  • Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg - who has committed at least $100 million in Florida towards electing Joe Biden, has raised another $16 million to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic felons so that they can vote in the November election.... Read more »
  • Recently, President Trump issued a directive requiring the federal government to stop employee training based on “critical race theory.” While this is a good measure, the president can do much more through executive action to prevent the kinds of race-based policies that are harming our economy, contributing to racial tensions and tearing this country apart. By doing so, he can remove the incentives that ultimately lead to these kinds of... Read more »
  • The objective is to force Facebook to alter its hate speech definition so that its own "detection algorithm" will characterize any criticism of Israel as hate speech and automatically remove the pertinent content from the platform.... Read more »
  • US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper vowed on Tuesday that the US will help maintain Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME). The QME is mandated by US law and means the US will uphold Israel’s military superiority over its neighbors. Esper’s made these comments as he welcomed Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz to the Pentagon. “A cornerstone of our defense relationship is preserving Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region,” Esper... Read more »
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released its guidance for celebrating Halloween amid the pandemic. The CDC says many traditional Halloween activities can be high-risk for spreading viruses, including COVID-19.... Read more »

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