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  • There never was collusion between Trump and Russia.... Read more »
  • Cheap shots with no basis in fact peddled by former Mexican president.... Read more »
  • 'Very few outlets have covered it because it doesn’t align with main media narrative of Trump and the election,' he says.... Read more »
  • $1.2 million vs $800 million.... Read more »
  • Commanded by terror group to infiltrate wave of refugees, wait in Germany for further instructions.... Read more »
  • Shameless spin sparks backlash on social media.... Read more »
  • Fails to explain shootings before Trump.... Read more »
  • Separate instances emblematic of priorities gone mad.... Read more »
  • Growing calls for EU army by globalists.... Read more »
  • 'If they want to see the devil, let them.'... Read more »
  • Bureau more interested in misleading courts on FISA memo.... Read more »
  • Is the Constitution peak of Western thought or outdated piece of paper?... Read more »
  • 'I know we'll have 49 votes in the Senate because that's the number of Democrats we have,' he said.... Read more »
  • Nearly half of renters pay over 30% of income on housing.... Read more »
  • 'It's tougher to win when people are seeing more money.'... Read more »
  • It appears they were too busy investigating Russkie conspiracies.... Read more »
  • "I’m a little disappointed that that appears to be the sum total of this.”... Read more »
  • These are the Facebook “likes” of the late football coach Aaron Feis.... Read more »
  • "Tell me more about how abortions are wrong".... Read more »
  • And not enough migrants.... Read more »

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