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  • How could they allow this to happen?! The post Trump Sounds Off on Virginia as UK Police Ignore Child Abuse, Ghislaine Throws a Puppy appeared first on We Are Change. ... Read more »
  • The team of lawyers that will be representing Donald Trump for his impeachment will include a few controversial figures including Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, two of the attorneys who represented the disgraced billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein while he was trafficking sex slaves across the globe for powerful old men. Dershowitz has also represented Harvey Weinstein in the past as well as O.J. Simpson while Starr served as the lead... Read more »
  • Trump’s legal team just did WHAT?! The post Huge Clash Coming? Trump Just Hired Epstein’s Lawyers, Antifa Confirms Virginia Event appeared first on We Are Change. ... Read more »
  • Since the U.S. killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis earlier this month, the official narrative has held that their deaths were necessary to prevent a vague, yet allegedly imminent, threat of violence towards Americans, though President Trump has since claimed whether or not Soleimani or his Iraqi allies posed an imminent threat “doesn’t really matter.” While the situation between Iran, Iraq and the U.S. appears to... Read more »
  • It looks like the Iranian government wasn’t the only one hiding critical details about the aftermath of the Islamic Revolutionary regime’s ‘retaliatory strike’ from the public. According to several media reports, eleven US service members were flown out of Al Assad Air Base in Iraq and treated for concussion symptoms after Iran’s rocket attack targeting two American bases in Iraq. A spokesman for the US Central Command made the revelation late Thursday evening, contradicting President... Read more »
  • The first domino in the House Dems’ plan to push moderate Republicans to support a decision to call witnesses during President Trump’s impeachment trial has just fallen. As we reported earlier this week, House Dems released a cache of notes and texts from former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, who has been accused of funneling foreign money to the Trump campaign. Text messages released from March 2019 between Parnas and Robert... Read more »
  • Jeffrey Epstein trafficked and sexually abused girls as young as eleven years old, as recently as 2018, according to a new lawsuit filed against the late pedophile’s estate by Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N. George. The lawsuit claims that girls as young as 11 and 12 were brought to his private estate in the Virgin Islands, known as Little Saint James (or simply ‘pedo island’) – where former President... Read more »
  • The infamous UK Police department Scotland Yard is refusing to reveal Prince Andrew’s location on the night that he is accused of being with Virginia Giuffre, one of the young girls trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein who was underage at the time she claims the Duke had sex with her. Members of the royal family are regularly accompanied by police guards in their day to day activities and there are records... Read more »
  • Is Virginia REALLY getting as crazy as it seems?! The post Virginia State Of Emergency!!! Is It Going To Be Trump Vs. Bernie? appeared first on We Are Change. ... Read more »
  • Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani was targeted for assassination as part of a “bigger strategy” of deterring challenges by U.S. adversaries including Russia and China, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said according to reports. The recent statements have called into question the already dubious claims that Soleimani was killed because he was about to carry an “imminent” attack. “I want to lay this out in context of what we’ve... Read more »
  • A state of emergency has been declared by the Governor of Virginia ahead of an upcoming gun rights rally that is planned to take place in Richmond later this week. Governor Ralph Northam cited “credible intelligence” that there were threats of violence in relation to the rally. The state of emergency status will temporarily ban individuals from carrying firearms on Capitol grounds. During a press conference on Wednesday, Northam said... Read more »
  • Here’s what you need to know:   The post President Putin FOREVER? CNN & Native American Try To Take Down Bernie Sanders appeared first on We Are Change. ... Read more »
  • Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has made a shock and dramatic announcement that he and the entire Russian government is resigning in a statement just after President Vladimir Putin’s annual state-of-the-nation address, state media outlets report. The ruble slipped about 0.5% on the news. Despite what appears a drastic shake-up afoot, Reuters suggests it’s part of a plan that could result in Putin extending his power despite a constitutional ban currently in effect preventing him from... Read more »
  • Another video of the moment UIA Flight 752 was blown out of the sky by Iranian missiles has emerged, according to the NYT, which ‘verified’ the footage before reporting on it. For the first time, the world can clearly see two missiles – fired from an Iranian military base 8 miles from the plane – strike the plane less than 30 seconds apart. The footage helped answer a question that had... Read more »
  • The CIA is running heroin through Afghanistan! The post America’s Dirty Secret: CIA Drug Trafficking Hits Record High! appeared first on We Are Change. ... Read more »

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