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  • Anarchast Ep.473 Topics include: a journey to anarchism, the Vegas blockchain space, an extreme gross injustice, the perverse war on drugs, 4-500,000 people in jail for non-violent drug crimes, free Ross Ulbricht, all about Anarchovegas, FreedomFest, Larkin Rose’ Candles in the Dark, origins of Anarchovegas, Anarchizona, difficulties with the venue for Anarchovegas, Anarchapulco 2020! All about Anarchovegas and ticket sales: Help Kingley’s Dad, please sign the petition here: Read more »
  • Another Anarchist Running For President – Kim Ruff Anarchast Ep.472 Topics include: getting involved in politics as an Anarchist, waking people up, the left right fallacy, many ways to attack the statist leviathan, inside the Libertarian party, how the candidate is selected, the tragedy and deception of the US war machine, the possibility of real change, all efforts needed, the importance of doing something Support the campaign here: Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.471 Topics include: the reality of life in the Soviet Union, socialist propaganda, being Vitalik Buterin’s father, the beginning on Ethereum, the gap between a great idea and its implementation, all about Vitalik, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the potential of Ethereum will soon be realized, the folly of centralized political power, tech entrepreneurship, hype vs content, DAICO, psychedelics and spirituality, drug decriminalization, the biggest risk to drug users is government!... Read more »
  • Healing The Hidden Wound: Circumcision with Pyasa Anarchast Ep470 Topics include: male circumcision, somatic sexology, USA routinely practicing very harmful circumcision, the results of being circumcised, making a documentary on circumcision, the resulting trauma, healing from that early trauma, finding sexual fulfilment, foreskin restoration and regeneration, stem cell treatment, scar tissue remediation, the joy of the foreskin, Anarchapulco 2020 To find out more and donate to the documentary: Trailer... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.469 Topics include: education and mind control, creating a decentralized society, sound money and the free market, creating the show ‘Bitcoin and Friends’, a professional production with a big and growing team, fundraising and sponsorship, compelling and fun, youth appeal, reaching a wider audience, 28 episodes in 3 seasons, Anarchapulco BTC and Friends website and donations: Bitcoin and Friends YouTube channel: Anarchapulco 2020: Anarchast on Bit.Tube:... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.468 Topics include: an Orwellian state, censorship, cashless society, speaking the truth is an heretical act, school indoctrination into ‘the postage stamp consensus’, vaccine safety, media mind control, targeting of antivaxxers, a self policing population, what is a doctor? the pharmaceutical drug cartel, the illness business, vaccines and autoimmune disease, dealing with ridicule coming out as a truther, a cage of your own creation, David on Anarchism, non-hierarchical societies,... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.467 Topics include: Anarchocapitalism and law, freedom and new countries, democracy produces bad policies, the realities of seasteading, what happened in Thailand, the reasons for the apparent overreaction from Thai authorities, seasteaders still in hiding, accused of treason, seasteaders were only testing a new structure, the surrounding publicity, general developments in seasteading, concepts in international law, commoditized sovereignty, market competition for governance, startup societies, law is code, cryptocurrencies, applied... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.466 Topics include: The Most Dangerous Superstition, organised crime runs the government, understanding our slavery, indoctrination using the flag, singing the anthem, television programming, symbols of political power, the state as a religion, toxins in the food supply, origins of the pledge of allegiance, treatment of native Americans, the banking system, media ownership, controlling language, the meme wars, control of perception, money theft on an epic scale, social media... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.465 Topics include: the logical journey from minarchism to anarchism, the soldier as a tool of the state, becoming a journalist, the fifth column, Beau as a character, politics by stealth, avoiding trigger words, Anarchapulco 2010 The Fifth Column YouTube channel: The Fifth Column podcast website: Anarchapulco 2020: Anarchast on Bit.Tube: Anarchast: To view this edition of Anarchast, click on the YouTube video below... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.464 Topics include: 1990’s free nation project, the early days of the internet, early multi-million dollar cryptography project, a whole cryptographic financial system completed by 2002, bulletin boards and irc chat, early solution to the double spend problem, pgp was a big deal, encryption considered to be a weapon, the cypherpunk list, the perpetual travelers, Extropians, spies, things that led to Bitcoin, origins of proof of work, EGold was... Read more »

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