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The Richie Allen Show

    The Richie Allen Show

  • Richie streamed today's show live on YouTube and not from the radio studio, so please forgive the drop in audio quality.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Christine Brett and David Sedgwick. Christine Brett co-founded The campaign is calling for the immediate re-opening of schools and that social distancing is abandoned, as it breaches children's human rights. The group also claims that the measures are not proportionate to the low risk of the virus in children. Christine discusses this with Richie and also gets into the privatisation of education and relationship and... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Charlie Robinson and Neil Sanders. Charlie Robinson is the author of the brilliant "The Octopus Of Global Control" and presents "Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson" on the Ickonic platform. Neil Sanders holds an MA in Film Studies, studied Psychology and Media Production for his BA Honours and is a qualified hypnotherapist. Neil is considered an expert on the subject of mind control and has been studying the... Read more »
  • Dean Henderson is a brilliant writer and geopolitical analyst. Dean explains to Richie why everything begins and ends with the Crown Corporation and The City of London. He reveals how these entities control global events using frontmen like Bill Gates and George Soros to push their twisted agendas. This is an unmissable show.... Read more »
  • Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and brings you the best of the UK morning talk shows.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Mark Collett and Posie Parker. Mark Collett is a nationalist commentator, author and broadcaster. Mark discusses the lockdown, the Black Lives Matter movement, the failure of UK police forces to deal with Asian grooming gangs and more. it's a great back and forth. Posie Parker is a feminist campaigner who has been dubbed one of the UK’s most prominent “gender-critical feminists." Posie argues for the... Read more »
  • Richie's listeners phone into the show to chat about their experiences of lockdown and their thoughts on why it has happened and the reasons for it. Unmissable.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Hayden Hewitt and Dr. Vernon Coleman. co-founder and Trigger Warning TV boss Hayden Hewitt joins Richie to chat about the increasingly volatile row between some trans rights activists and women. Hayden has been threatened and even libeled by some of these so called activists who operate with immunity on Twitter. Hayden also chats about his investigation into how social media companies are providing a safe... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Simon Dolan and Kevin Barrett. The entrepreneur Simon Dolan takes the UK government to the High Court this coming Thursday. it has been described as the most important case in our lifetime. Simon is challenging the legality of the coronavirus lockdown. it's huge. He reminds Richie why the case is so important and how he has prepared for it. There's a row brewing between Black Lives... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and brings you the best of the Sunday talk shows.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by David Vance and John Perkins. David Vance is a conservative geopolitical commentator and broadcast journalist. David discusses the coming economic catastrophe caused by, as he sees it, a totally tyrannical and unnecessary lockdown. They chat about Black Lives Matter, the corporate money pouring into the movement and whether it is hurting genuine campaigns for equality. The guys also chat about free speech, cancel culture and... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Stephen Lendman and Harry Vox. Stephen Lendman is a brilliant broadcast journalist. Stephen discusses the Black Lives Matter movement and whether or not it has been infiltrated by powerful interests who want to use it to further their own agenda. Stephen also explains why he believes that if there was an election tomorrow, Donald Trump's opponent Joe Biden would win a landslide victory. Harry Vox... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and brings you the best of the Sunday talk shows.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Patricia Finn and John Waters Patricia Finn is a child advocate and prominent civil rights attorney. Her firm represents thousands of children afflicted with autism and other vaccine injuries caused by the pharmaceutical drug pushing companies. The New York State Bar Association wants to mandate any vaccine against Covid-19 if and when one comes to market. This is shocking. Patricia discusses this with Richie and explains... Read more »
  • Richie was due to be joined by Irish journalist John Waters but a very late substitution saw the terrific broadcast journalist Spiro Skouras join him instead. Spiro discusses the Black Lives Matter movement. Can it credibly be described as grassroots anymore? Will political candidates emerge from BLM to contest elections soon? Spiro also deals with the questions around this Novembers Presidential election, with many now believing it may be postponed... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the broadcast journalist and host of BCfm's Politics Show, Tony Gosling. Tony discusses the Black Lives Matter protests here in the UK and tells Richie why he campaigned to have the statue of slave trader Edward Colston removed in Bristol. Richie and Tony also chat about the death of satire, the culling of some of the UK's greatest TV sitcoms, the BBC's new docudrama on the... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Dr. Marcus De Brun and Paul Craig Roberts. Nursing homes are expected to reopen to visitors from today having been closed to the public since mid-March in a bid to prevent the deadly virus spreading. Dr Marcus de Brun, a GP based in Rush, Co Dublin, has slammed the move, saying: “Covid-19 is still in the nursing homes, it’s still in the community. "Now the doors... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and brings you the best of the Sunday talk shows.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Caroline Farrow and Jon Rappoport Caroline Farrow is a British journalist, writer and commentator, specializing in current affairs issues around Catholicism and feminism. Caroline discusses the treatment of author JK Rowling who has taken a lot of abuse over her stance on safe spaces for women and her comments on biological sex. In an essay published today, Rowling said that she spoke out about transgender issues... Read more »
  • Richie presents the alternative point of view on the days biggest news stories.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Zuby and Piers Corbyn. Zuby is an independent rapper, podcast host, author, public speaker and creative entrepreneur. Zuby discusses the death of George Floyd and why the protests have spread around the world, the removal of statues of slave traders, positive discrimination, racism in the UK and much more. Physicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn returns to the show. Piers is being prosecuted for breaching the... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Dr. Vernon Coleman and Garland Nixon. Dr Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million copies in the UK alone and have been translated into 25 languages. His books have been in bestseller lists around the world. Dr Coleman has a medical degree and worked as a GP. His website contains many free articles and no advertising. He tells... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and brings you the best of the Sunday talk shows.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Kevin Myers and Gerald Celente Legendary Irish author and journalist Kevin Myers discusses the George Floyd protests with Richie and takes on the concept of white privilege, the idea that white people start life with an advantage over other ethnic groups. It's controversial but unmissable. Gerald Celente is the publisher of the brilliant Trends Journal. Gerald has called the covid-19 hoax from day one. He... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Bishop Larry Gaiters and John Klyczek. Larry Gaiters is a nationally syndicated radio host and a black conservative geopolitical analyst working out of New York City. Larry says that he has evidence that the George Floyd murder inspired protests have been infiltrated by violent agitators who are vicariously financed by billionaire philanthropists on the left. This is compelling and a must-listen. John Klyczek is a college... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Chuck Ochelli and David Sedgwick. Chuck Ochelli is a broadcast journalist based in Macon Georgia. Check out his excellent content at Chuck discusses the protests against the killing of George Floyd, which have spread around the world. Chuck is asking some very interesting questions about the media coverage of the riots and US President Donald Trump's plan to engage the US military on the streets... Read more »
  • Richie discusses the killing of the unarmed black American man, George Floyd and the protests that have spread around the world. To talk about it, he's joined by Kevin Maxwell and Tommy Sheridan. Kevin spent over 10 years as a police officer and then a detective in the UK police. He left and exposed institutional racism and corruption in the force. He wrote about those experiences in his powerful book... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK newspapers and brings you the best of Sundays mid-morning talk shows. Support Richie's work by making a financial contribution via bank transfer or PayPal. Go to Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the author, journalist and broadcaster Kevin Myers. Why has the majority of the public submitted so meekly to the lockdown? Why have they ratted out their neighbours for breaching guidelines and with such apparent relish? Where is the print media? Why is there seemingly no opposition to the deliberate wrecking of the economy, something which we'll be paying for, for decades to come? The hugely accomplished... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Meria Heller and Zed Phoenix. Meria is a brilliant broadcaster. Subscribe to her at George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis on Monday, when a policeman knelt on his neck for 9 minutes, despite George pleading that he was dying. The officer and three of his colleagues have been fired but will they be charged with manslaughter? Meria also discusses the US government covid-19 response. Don't... Read more »

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