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    The Richie Allen Show

  • Richie is joined by the former Scotland Yard detective Jon Wedger. Jon is a retired Police Detective with over 25 years service in the investigation into child abuse. He was threatened and bullied out of his job for exposing the high-level cover-up of child prostitution. He along with other whistle-blowing cops as well as victims and survivors of abuse, is campaigning for a change in the Law to give brave... Read more »
  • Richie uses the media promotion of Tommy Robinson to illustrate how we are moving towards a reality where opinions trump facts and what the consequences are for journalism.... Read more »
  • Richie reviews the UK's Sunday Newspapers and the early morning political talk shows. Today he discusses the possibility that Brexit and the Northern Ireland border question will bring an end to Theresa May's time as Prime Minister. He talks about racism in schools, feral children and why schools are powerless to deal with them. Richie questions the need for a National Holocaust Memorial centre in the UK and much more.... Read more »
  • This is the audio from a YouTube livestream, presented by Richie on Friday morning October 12th. For the video, go to Read more »
  • John Hankey is a director and writer, best known for his ground-breaking films on the assassinations of JFK and JFK jr. Johns brand new film is entitled "Is Trump for Real?" It is brilliant. Here's the synopsis: With the help of Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica, Trump was groomed to appeal to those who have lost faith in media and politics. Bannon has admitted that he modeled his campaign on... Read more »
  • Richie provides unique and sometimes hilarious analysis of the days big stories including: The Christian owners of a Northern Ireland bakery have won their appeal in the so-called "gay cake" discrimination case. The UK's highest court ruled that Ashers bakery's refusal to make a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage was not discriminatory. The latest figures show that 13 percent of Americans are on anti-depressants compared to 16 percent... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi and academic and author Jim Fetzer. Philip Giraldi provides unique analysis of the latest UK government claims against Russia 's GRU agency surrounding the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal. Philip was also recently speaking in Iran and talks to Richie about press freedom there, what Iranians think of their leaders and whether the country presents a threat to world peace. Jim... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Gemma O'Doherty and Piers Corbyn. Gemma O'Doherty is a brilliant award-winning journalist. Through her fearless writing, she has helped to expose institutional corruption in Ireland. Why did Gemma recently make a run for the Irish Presidency and how did she become interested in the HPV Vaccine injured families of Ireland? Gemma tells all. Don't miss it. And the scientists and meteorologist Piers Corbyn returns to the... Read more »
  • Sunday View. Richie reviews the Sunday Newspapers and brings you the best clips from the Sunday morning political talk shows. Today Richie discusses the teaching of alternative lifestyles to very young children, medicinal cannabis to be made available on prescription, mass murder by Britain's Mi6 and much more. Support YOUR show by donating at Read more »
  • Richie welcomes Mark Windows and Sandi Adams to the show. Did you know that 64% of populations in “democracies” stated that their governments “rarely or never act in the public interest?" Have you ever wondered why local and national government seem to have a different agenda than the one presented to the public? The narrow corridor of accepted political opinion and the demonisation of everything outside it is also part... Read more »
  • Richie welcomes Pippa King and Meria Heller to the show Pippa campaigns against intrusions to children's privacy in education. Why are children being fingerprinted by their schools? How will facial recognition technology impact on civil liberties? Pippa discusses these topics and reports on new technology designed to prevent cyber-bullying, an interface that will interrupt children when they are writing emails, to tell them that the recipient(s) of their emails... Read more »
  • Richie is joined live from California by the activist, broadcaster and writer Deborah Tavares. Deborah uses her website and her YouTube channel, to reveal documents that prove that there is a global agenda to transform society on every level, through mass technological disruption and weather warfare. This is unmissable. Support YOUR show by donating at Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Tim Black and Mickey Summers. Tim Black is a brilliant radio host, speaker, journalist and activist. He chats to Richie about Black Lives Matter, Identity Politics, #MeToo, White Privilege and race baiting. He's unmissable. And Mickey Summers returns to the show. Mickey is a child abuse survivor and campaigner. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) is in Nottingham this week to hear testimony from... Read more »
  • Sunday View For Sunday September 30th 2018 Richie reviews the Sunday newspapers. He reports on an Agenda 30 plan to sell off the UK's public parks to developers, leaving inner cities with no green spaces. It's shocking. There's news of the Financial Times newspaper, which put a gender fluid man on it's annual female champions list! Feminists are spitting feathers! A girl guide leader was sacked after telling parents that... Read more »
  • Richie rounds up the big stories of the day. He reports on the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation and the part it is playing in Agenda 30, the depopulation plan that has Monsanto and Bayer's fingerprints all over it. Don't miss it. Richie also talks about Infowars and asks why Alex Jones is demanding that be prevented from using PayPal. There's also a report on Christine Blasey Ford and... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the amazing scholar and researcher Jordan Maxwell. They discuss Donald Trump and Kaballah Magic, The Bermuda Triangle, flat earth theory, symbolism in TV shows, Stonehenge, the Pyramids and much more. Do NOT miss this. And Richie reports on the Labour Party conference and Jeremy Corbyn's speech today. Support the show by donating at Read more »
  • Richie is joined by London School of Economics Professor Alan Sked. Will Theresa May's Chequers plan bring down her government? Is a general election imminent? What about Jacob Rees Mogg's proposals for a Canada ++ deal? Don't miss Alan. And the brilliant Dr. Robin Falkov returns to the show. Robin is a natural health practitioner and broadcaster. She has a worrying report about the dangers of taking cholesterol drug "Statins."... Read more »
  • Last week Richie spoke with Susanne Small who was sectioned after she spoke to her doctor about a new mobile phone mast that had been erected near her home. Susanne told her doctor that she began to feel unwell around about the time that the mast was erected. She also presented her doctor with evidence that radiation from mobile phone masts is harmful and that 5G is going to be... Read more »
  • Richie reviews the UK's Sunday Newspapers. He also talks about all female candidate shortlists in elections, positive discrimination in general, the Labour Party conference in Liverpool and much more. Share widely and support the show by donating at Read more »
  • Richie reports on news that a 28 year old female boxer was fined £120 and avoided jail despite beating up an 11 year old girl and breaking her nose. He has the latest from Salzburg where Theresa May was told by the EU, that her Chequers Brexit plan was dead in the water. There's news of a police officer who was suspended after telling his colleagues the force needed to... Read more »

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