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    The Richie Allen Show

  • Richie is back! Today he welcomes Robin Tilbrook to the show. Robin is the founder and chairman of the English Democrats Party. On the eve of the EU Parliament elections, Robin tells Richie that the UK has already legally left the Eu and that he plans to prove it in the High Court! He says; “there isn’t a legal professional I haven’t spoken to who doesn’t think we can win”.... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK Sunday papers and listens in on the mid-morning TV and radio talk shows. There's a report on a testy exchange between The BBC's Andrew Marr and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, an update on the firing of BBC presenter Danny Baker for a racist Tweet and much more. Support YOUR show by donating at Read more »
  • Richie has a special report on the sacking of BBC radio presenter Danny Baker. And Dr. Stuart Waiton joins the show to talk about joining the Brexit Party and standing for MEP in Scotland later this month The BBC sacked Danny Baker today saying that he showed a "serious error of judgement" over his tweet about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's baby. The tweet, which he later deleted but... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Alan Macleod and E. Michael Jones. Dr. Alan Macleod is an academic and author of "Propaganda in the Information Age" and ‘Bad News from Venezuela’ about the media’s 20 year long war on Venezuela. He debunks claims made in Western media over the Venezuelan Crisis, the election of Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez. Dr. E. Michael Jones is the editor of He has... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Michael Shrimpton and Ben Gilroy. Author and former Barrister Michael Shrimpton joins Richie to chat about the great Brexit stitch-up. Michael explains who and what is behind the EU and how it came out of the financial elites failure to control Europe through the Nazis. Michael believes that these people will go to any lengths to achieve a Federal United States of Europe. He reflects on... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK Sunday newspapers and listens in on the mid-morning political talk shows. This morning, Richie discusses the Labour/Tory Brexit deal talks, the banning of alt-right celebrities by Facebook, Snowflake students, Universities, slavery and much more. Support YOUR show by donating at Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the broadcaster, researcher and public speaker, Mark Windows. Mark is travelling around the country with Piers Corbyn and Sandi Adams and presenting a series of must-see talks about how the social engineering of society is being achieved through the Climate Change Hoax. Mark explains how this global agenda is implemented at a local level. His chat with Richie is a must-listen. Mark identifies the groups behind... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the amazing Sharon Gale Last year Sharon Gale came on the show. Sharon and her ex-husband made national headlines in 2001 when their baby girl Charlotte died after sudden illness. Mark was accused of shaken impact syndrome. It was alleged that he had abused Charlotte. He was acquitted and found to be totally blameless. What happened after that is the stuff of nightmares. Social services broke... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Dr. David Bull and Lana Lokteff. Dr. David Bull is a medical doctor, author, television presenter and commentator. He has appeared on scores of British and US television programmes. He's running for The Brexit Party in the now seemingly inevitable EU elections in a few weeks. David is hoping to win a seat in the North West. Lana Lokteff is the host of Radio 3Fourteen and... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by John Kitson and Meria Heller John Kitson is working to raise awareness of the dangers of 5G. He'll be in Oldham this coming Saturday at The Salt Cellar on Church Lane. Details at John discusses why he's campaigning to halt the roll-out of 5G in the UK and importantly, what we can do to help. Meria Heller is a regular guest on the show. She's... Read more »
  • Richie reviews the UK's Sunday newspapers In a packed show, Richie discusses Extinction Rebellion and how their solutions for the planets fake climate crisis will in fact destroy the lives of the poorest people in the world. Also, could the dog de-worming drug, fenbendazole cure cancer? Richie reports on a story out of Oklahoma about a miracle cure. And in other news, the US media to its credit, is actually... Read more »
  • On today's show Richie reports on a horrifying agenda to dehumanize the UK's elderly population and blame them for the problems faced by young people with respect to housing and employment. It's incredibly sinister. Richie lays it all on the line. You won't believe your ears. And he's joined live from Chicago by the brilliant writer and broadcaster Stephen Lendman Stephen discusses The meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Piers Corbyn and G. Edward Griffin Piers Corbyn is a scientist and a meteorologist Piers chats about the environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg and the media circus around. Piers explains why he believes that they are all wrong and that in fact Co2 is not causing catastrophic climate change. This is a must listen. Who are these people and who funds them? piers... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Tony Gosling and Tommy Sheridan. Tony hosts the Politics Show on Bristol's BCfm. What really happened in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday? Who was behind the attacks that killed 321 people and injured hundreds more? Is someone trying to fan the flames of religious conflict, not just in Sri Lanka but elsewhere in the world? The New IRA has admitted responsibility for the murder of journalist... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Angela Ray Lacey and Francis Leader Angela Ray Lacey is a recovering addict. She has been sober for 5 years. When her son was six months old, she put him in the care of a relative as she was unfit to take care of him. He's nine now and she wants to re=enter his life. She had been allowed weekly visits, but they were recently stopped.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the inspirational justice campaigner Shirley Debono. Thousands of prisoners who should have been released years ago, languish in UK jails because of a now defunct sentencing regime. Labour introduced the Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) sentencing guidelines in 2003. It is composed of a punitive "tariff" intended to be proportionate to the gravity of the crime committed and an indeterminate period which commences after the expiration... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by legendary Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell. The Australian rugby union authorities have ended Israel Folau's contract over a social media post in which he said "hell awaits" gay people. He has 48 hours to accept his sacking, or face a code of conduct hearing. Peter Tatchell agrees with the sacking. Richie doesn't. It makes for a great debate. Plus Richie has an extended report on this... Read more »
  • Sunday View Richie reviews the UK Sunday Newspapers and drops in on the Sunday Morning Political Talk Shows. It's an unmissable and totally unique take on the days news. Support the show by donating at Read more »
  • Richie is joined today by Ray McGovern Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. At Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday he was found guilty of failing to surrender to the court. He also faces US federal conspiracy charges related to one of the largest ever leaks of government secrets. Legendary CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who is a friend of Julian's, discusses the real... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by former Prisons Minister, the Conservative Party MP Ann Widdecombe. The UK will never leave the EU and will more than likely have to participate in European parliamentary elections next month. Brexiteer Ann Widdecombe is not happy. Don't miss this. And Richie has two very funny and informative reports on Climate Change protests by children and "snowflakery" at UK universities. Support the show by donating at Read more »

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