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    The Richie Allen Show

  • Richie is joined by Anna de Buisseret and Jaymie Icke.What is the lawful responsibility of the individual to protect his/her fellow citizens from the harms of lockdowns, mask mandates and dangerous experimental medicines? Anna de Busisseret is an experienced lawyer and former army officer. She possesses a brilliant legal mind. Anna tells Richie why parents who mask their children or consent to them being vaccinated, cannot rely on the "I... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Chris Anderson and Dr. Paul Hobday. Chris Anderson is standing for The Freedom Alliance Party in the Southend West by-election on February 3rd. Chris is campaigning on an anti-lockdown platform. Interestingly, he holds a HNC in microbiology and tells Richie where he thinks covid-19 originated. Chris also debunks Reuters claim that the World Economic Forum is merely a benevolent think tank. Follow Chris on Twitter @Krypto_Kash and... Read more »
  • Richie flew solo today. He rounds up the days biggest stories as only he can. He discusses Partygate, the end of Plan B restrictions in the UK, the tyrannical NHS vaccine mandate, LGBT personnel in the military and much ... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Charlie Robinson and also by Mad Mix and Martin Noakes.Charlie Robinson is a brilliant author. His books "The Octopus Of Global Control" and "Hypocrazy: Surviving In A World Of Cultural Double Standards" are a must for anyone attempting to understand agendas like The Great Reset. Charlie came on to discuss vaccine mandates in the US, false flag terrorism and the prospect of Donald Trump running for... Read more »
  • Riche is joined by Paul Craig Roberts and also by Mike, a UK based paramedic. Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, author and former US Assistant Secretary of The Treasury. Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said on Sunday that Russia began its military buildup along the Ukrainian border because it could no longer "tolerate" NATO's eastward expansion and "gradual invasion" of Ukraine. Washington and NATO has said that there will be... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Catherine Blaiklock. A by-election will take place in Southend West on February 3rd. Back in October, Sir David Amess the then Conservative MP for the borough, was stabbed to death in his constituency office. Catherine Blaiklock is hoping to win the seat for the English Democrats. Catherine is standing on a number of issues including illegal immigration, the economy, the failure to properly implement Brexit and the... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Damian who works in an ICU unit in a UK hospital. Damian (not his real name) has worked in the NHS for nearly 25 years. He faces losing his job in April because he will not have a covid jab. To make matters worse, Damian's partner will lose her job too as she also works in a patient facing role. Damian discusses the lack of support for healthcare... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Tony Gosling and Celeste Solum.Tony is a terrific broadcast journalist. He presents The Politics Show out of Bristol each Friday at 5pm. He's a regular on Richie's show. Today, Tony discusses Boris Johnson and Partygate and whether the scandal will bring down the UK Prime Minister. He also reports on the Novak Djokovic saga and the decision to acquit the four protesters who tore down the... Read more »
  • Richie is joined from Portugal by Jennie Lowes. Jennie has worked as an NHS nurse, recruited nurses for the NHS and educated overseas nurses on behalf of the UK health service. She is now in private practice in Portugal. Jennie discusses the impact that the vaccine mandate will have on the NHS. She answers questions from the listeners on germ theory v terrain theory and whether the covid-19 virus was ever actually... Read more »
  • It's the final Richie Allen Show of 2021.I took calls from listeners all around the world. As usual, the calls were insightful and entertaining. Don't miss this show. While this is the last RA Show of the year, don't forget that I will be on-air Christmas morning at 10am UK Time with Christmas Morning Melodies. Listen at my website'd like to wish all my listeners and supporters a very Merry Christmas... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Blind Joe and Right Said Fred. Blind Joe is a country music singing sensation, originally from North Dakota but these days he's based in Nashville. Joe's anti-lockdown song "I Will Not Comply" went viral this year. Joe came back on the show today to talk about the incredible journey he's been on and why he's hopeful that the time is coming when enough people will stop complying... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Jo Radley and Peter Ebdon. As you know, former World Snooker Champion Peter Ebdon is a professional healer, earning his qualification at the College of Healing in Malvern. During the lockdown, Peter set up Quantum Energy Healing with his friend and teacher, Jo Radley. Jo has been a full-time therapist since 1996. She's an acupuncture practitioner and a certified healer who teaches at the Healing College in... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the attorney Thomas Renz and by the author and former litigator, Stacey Rudin.Tom Renz is lead attorney in a number of national lawsuits. On behalf of dozens of clients, Tom is suing the CDC, President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci among others for their part in illegal vaccine mandates, shutdowns and violating civil liberties. For more on Tom Renz, visit www.renz-law.comStacey Rudin is a first-rate... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the journalist and political commentator David Vance and Professor Dolores Cahill.NOTE: The Richie Allen Show is a LIVE radio show. The recording of this show was interrupted and we lost the first 30 minutes as a result. This podcast begins exactly three minutes into Richie's chat with David Vance, so you haven't missed much of that. The rest of the show, including Richie's interview with Professor Cahill... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by John Klyczek and Councillor Jim Rogerson. John Klyczek is a teacher and the author of the outstanding and essential "School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education." He's also a contributor to Unlimited Hangout. John discusses vaccine mandates and covid measures in his native Illinois. He also talks about blockchain digital ID's, social crediting and the possibility of a financial collapse preceding the introduction of a... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Gareth Icke and Tony Gosling.Gareth Icke is an author, musician and journalist. Gaz presents "Right Now" every Friday at 7pm on Check it out. It's terrific.Tony Gosling is an author and former BBC journalist. Tony presents The Politics Show from Bristol each Friday at 5pm. It's essential listening. www.bilderberg.orgRichie and the guys discuss the latest scaremongering around the omicron covid variant, the prospect of... Read more »
  • Richie rounds up the day's top stories as only he can. Expect razor-sharp analysis and plenty of laughs. Please support The Richie Allen Show if you can. All the details can be found here: Read more »
  • It's the Global Phone-In on Tuesday's Richie Allen Show.Richie took calls from listeners as far afield as Vancouver Canada, Johannesburg, Northern Spain and the UK.The callers were terrific. Don't miss this show. ... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the filmmaker, activist and clothing designer Matt Landman. Matt wrote and directed "Frankenskies," the brilliant exposé of the geoengineering agenda. He came on today, to discuss news that two prominent US academics have published a study that suggests that there is a connection between wireless communications radiation and the health outcomes of people infected with covid-19. In short, the authors believe that exposure to 5G radiation, may... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the author and broadcaster, Dean Henderson.Dean Henderson called it. He told us in his excellent books down the years, where we were headed and who was pulling the strings.Today, Dean discusses the jab mandates sweeping Europe, the hard evidence that the vaccines contain Graphene Oxide, the 6G metaverse and how it might be used to stage a fake alien invasion, how the financial collapse will happen... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by nursing home employee Janet and Melissa Ciummei.Janet has worked in a private nursing home throughout the pandemic. She faces losing her job as she hasn't had the jabs. She tells Richie that in early 2021, shortly after the residents of the nursing home were vaccinated, 8 of them passed away. Several of Janet's colleagues have also had serious adverse reactions to the jabs. Don't miss this... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Dr. Paul Thomas and Jacqui Deevoy.In December 2020, the Oregon Medical Board suspended the licence of Dr. Paul Thomas. Paul, a paediatrician with 35 years experience, published a study in the peer reviewed International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Paul's study showed that unvaccinated children had better health outcomes and less lifetime illness than vaccinated children. Paul tells his story. For more, go to Read more »
  • Richie is joined by the Irish journalist and author, John Waters. John came with good news. Ireland's Supreme Court has ruled that both the High Court and The Court of Appeal were wrong to deny John and his colleague Gemma O'Doherty the right to challenge the legality and constitutionality of the government mandated covid lockdowns. John also discusses the brand new covid variant of concern, which has been dubbed the Omicron variant,... Read more »
  • Richie reviews the weeks biggest news stories as only he can.Keep up to date with The Richie Allen Show at the show means anything to you, please consider supporting it. Go to for details.... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Hayden Hewitt and Gerald Celente.Hayden Hewitt co-founded the legendary These days he runs free speech platforms and Hayden has recently begun producing independent films for Black Octopus Productions. On today's show, Hayden discusses the horror of forced vaccination, the destruction of the NHS, the Online Harms Bill and more.www.blackoctopusproductions.comGerald Celente has published the legendary Trends Journal for nearly three decades. Gerald and his... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Professor Dolores Cahill. Dolores Cahill holds an honours degree in Molecular Genetics from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD in Immunology and Biotechnology from Dublin City University. Dolores has received international recognition for her biomedical research. On today's show, Professor Cahill discusses:What's the reality of adverse reactions to covid jabs?Are the jabs harming pregnant women? Will the jab eventually be compulsory for everyone in the UK?What can we do... Read more »
  • It's the Global Phone-In on Monday's Richie Allen Show. Richie took calls from listeners as far afield as Toronto, Alabama, London and Leeds. There isn't another radio phone-in show like this one anywhere in the world. Support YOUR Richie Allen Show here: Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Kevin Barrett and Sheriff David Hathaway. Kevin Barrett is an author, researcher, broadcaster and university professor. He came on to discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. As we went to air, the jury was still out. Richie asks Kevin about the facts of the case, the media coverage and what will happen afterwards, whatever the verdict.www.truthjihad.comDavid Hathaway is the Sheriff of Santa Cruz Arizona. He is a genuine... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Tracey McCallum and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. NHS nurse Tracey McCallum made international headlines last year when she was suspended from her job for expressing scepticism about the pandemic and warning that the covid jabs were likely to cause serious harm. Tracey's disciplinary process concluded recently. She came back on to discuss that and what has been happening with her in the last year. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts... Read more »
  • Richie is joined by Robert Hansen PhD. Robert qualified as a barrister in London in 1996. 20 years ago, he moved to Hong Kong to set up his own firm, Silk Road Chambers Limited. Robert tells Richie that he is very concerned at how the law has been undermined in recent years. He explains how this process has accelerated during the covid crisis. He discusses his fears around mandatory injections and why he... Read more »

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