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  • Hey everyone, Truthstream Media spent the summer in hot pursuit of obscure locations, filming distant monuments, petroglyphs and other sites held significant both extinct and enduring peoples who have inhabited this continent. Monuments and artifacts, now struggling for survival against not only the elements of the ages, but now the memory of its significance. Their potential symbolic meanings have puzzled our minds as we grew in knowledge and deliberated over... Read more »
  • Funny how more and more we just keep hearing people around the world say, “I don’t remember voting for any of this, do you?” In other related news, this year’s theme for the elite 2022 World Economic Forum just so happened to be, “Working Together, Restoring Trust”. Correct us if we’re wrong, but something wouldn’t need to be restored if it hadn’t been annihilated in the first place, now would... Read more »
  • Just a few thoughts on the future of pushing people to make themselves obsolete by literally physically merging with their smart phones. I guess they’ll just put their brains in airplane mode when they need a little privacy? This hubris of all of this is pretty damn stunning. ... Read more »
  • Anyone want to take a wild guess why someone (or several someones) would blow up a monument in the middle of the night that advocates massive depopulation, eugenics, and world control? ... Read more »
  • Just in time for the Fourth of July… Can you imagine having to go to court to prove you are a “person”? Though it is one of the first that happened here, this isn’t a civil rights case that gets taught in our schools. It should. ... Read more »
  • Although this might not be a huge surprise to most of you, it still sheds further light on how much we take a technology that effects our perception of reality for so much granted… ... Read more »
  • The 108th anniversary of this event just happened last month. Always feels strange how a century can go by and little details slip through the cracks, forgotten. We thought we knew this story… but then we had to go and dig. {An edition to our new “Forgotten History” series} ... Read more »
  • What is happening to our homes? This is what’s going on all around this country while they’re trying to get everyone to focus on everything else that isn’t this. ... Read more »
  • This is a follow up to Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go? This is a take on the silver lining… Personally, I think seeing the truth is liberating. It’s not speculation. Now we know. It’s a lot easier to escape a prison when you can see the bars versus when it’s totally invisible. If people couldn’t see before, they will be able to see it now. And that... Read more »
  • Have you ever heard a Potemkin Village? Your search engine might be making you think there are millions of pages of results and you can access anything with a simple query, but we did a test and we were more than a bit shocked with what little we actually found. George Orwell didn’t even get to this part… the digital baby gate. Or is it the cyber wall ala “The... Read more »

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