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  • This is part two of a set of reports on where exactly these artificially intelligent digital assistants are taking society in the very near future. Ever heard of the “conscious home”? A “smart home” looks stupid by comparison.   As computers become more integrated into people’s decision-making processes and into their lives period, and as people become more and more intimate with these devices and what personal data we share,... Read more »
  • It’s been said that, “Voice technology is the ultimate behavioral study that you didn’t realize was happening,” although I would argue that probably most of the technology that we’re interacting with on a daily basis is ultimately a “behavioral study” the depth and breadth of which we don’t fully comprehend. Apparently in the next phase, your AI “oracle” voice assistant will do most of the heavy thinking for you… and... Read more »
  • They have invaded the very private and personal space inside our heads, and are prepared to literally read our minds… with potentially devastating consequences. A new threshold has been breached; there will be no turning back – and the system has bet the farm on people accepting it, on dismissing their privacy (even their ultimate privacy) for the convenience of being with it.... Read more »
  • (***CRINGE WARNING***) Yeah, YouTube is quickly becoming the trash compactor in “Star Wars”… Every time we put up a video, it’s as if we found ourselves at a not-sure-if-its-shut-down diner with the twitchy, intermittently failing fluorescent lighting in some barely populated backwoods town and when we walk in, everyone stops eating to turn around slowly in unison and stare at us in a tense silence because WE ARE NOT OF... Read more »
  • We are excited to announce the premiere screening of “The Minds of Men” to be held on Tuesday, July 2nd at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas! Come watch the movie and us! We’ll be introducing the film, hold a Q & A, and sell and sign DVDs for cheap in the lobby afterward. We’re even including an intermission in the middle because, yeah, it’s long. CLICK HERE for more... Read more »
  • We’re living in an age of not just mass distractions, but information overload. Recent studies show that the average person spends some 50 days of their lives each year online now. So much is being communicated so quickly, it’s becoming impossible to keep up and physically process it all. The UN’s World Health Organization just officially recognized burnout as a medical diagnosis. As the images in our media consumption are... Read more »
  • We’re just weeks out from when Bilderberg normally holds its annual meeting, and so far, nothing has officially been announced regarding where the meeting will be held, who will be in attendance, or what topics they plan to discuss this year. The group typically meets at the end of May or beginning of June, but this year they have not even announced on what days the secretive elite confab will... Read more »
  • Entire generations being born now are raised to be dependent on this technology, programmed by it to flit from one dopamine hit to the next. As far as we know, it’s a first for society to raise entire generations of human beings this way. We actually don’t really know what this will look like decades from now… It seems this feeling began to intensify for many specifically in the... Read more »
  • It’s honestly a weird feeling to go to the birthplace of America – where the ideals of freedom, liberty, independence, etc. were enshrined – only to find that these symbols have been watered down, transferred, or stolen, and subsumed into a “global vision” that lacks substance, sovereignty or liberty of any kind. And yes, U.S. of A. is a “republic” not a “democracy” in the first place – but the... Read more »
  • I was looking over some of the oldest content I put up back when I first started Truthstream Media as a blog in 2011, and I came across this letter to the editor I wrote to my local newspaper on the dangers of fluoridating water. This is one of the first topics I became passionate about after I began researching it; hence, one of the first videos I ever made... Read more »

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