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  • Is this the modern-day equivalent of book burning?... Read more »
  • We the People have not come this far just to regress back into serfdom and subservience. We the People will not be ruled over by modern digital kings, anymore than the colonists were willing to submit to a tax wherein they were not only burdened, and denied due representation… but under which every last aspect of their colonial lives would have been regulated and controlled. It is no exaggeration to... Read more »
  • We are in need of a solution, one that out thinks our problems, and one which inspires us to reclaim our own personal power. It is our consent to this system which plagues us most, and we must inspire the rest of the population to see the problem of going along with, endorsing and empowering a system that aims at nothing short of total control.... Read more »
  • This is our episode of Twilight Zone…ish… a parody of the parody of the horror film this year has become.... Read more »
  • How many people have been living in a world that might as well be this movie and do not realize it? ... Read more »
  • A little perspective too easily overlooked in situations like we find ourselves in 2020…... Read more »
  • Some deep contemplation on the night of July 4, 2020… Independence Day.... Read more »
  • The following published is a letter penned by a young Benjamin Franklin under the pseudonym Mrs. Silence Dogood to his brother James’ newspaper The New-England Courant, printed therein on July 9, 1722. It is the eighth of such letters in a series, and speaks to us through time. The idea contained here represented what would become the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights over 60 years later. Congress... Read more »
  • This was going to be an update that turned into a rant that turned into a pretty person message. If fear rules the day, how is that living? Perspective.... Read more »
  • We haven’t disappeared, promise. We’ve just been working on our second feature-length film. Every day. But… this is also the first thing I’ve sincerely wanted to say in weeks.... Read more »

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