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  • We live in a world where there can apparently be only one official story, and that story is increasingly guarded by digital gatekeepers. This story reminds me of something our good friend Hesher — of Hesher and Spore who run the show Boiler Room on Alternate Current Radio — is always talking about: prescribed “swim lanes” within society. For certain topics or trains of thought or information, there’s a prescribed... Read more »
  • Well, that went from zero to 100 in a blink. Two years ago, I did a video on the fact that books and movies glamorizing cannibalism was a thing. It didn’t used to be a thing. Ever. In fact, cannibalism is one of the top three major taboos society even has period. But now we’re at the point where we have behavioral scientists actually pitching Soylent Green to everyone as... Read more »
  • Ultimately,this isn’t about anyone’s behavior; it’s about the fact that some are engaged in building tools to scrutinize, judge, and literally rank and score the behavior of others in a dystopic system that will increasingly have real world consequences… And who are they to judge??... Read more »
  • I can’t believe I actually just made this video and this is happening in what we’re told is “real life”. This isn’t an Onion article. This is a real, peer-reviewed study and we’re officially being told now that we have to accept “real vampires”. The study’s authors also noted, “Generally, it seems that rapid advances in technology provide a social environment conducive to the development of unique and unconventional identities.... Read more »
  • The future is starting to look an awful lot like the film “Idiocracy”… Got an owie? Choose your cartoon symptom and your not-a-real-doctor will prescribe you drugs over your smart phone 24/7! “Welcome to the Healthmaster Inferno… Your illness is very important to us.”... Read more »
  • “The creation of the ideal man will soon be a simple technical operation.” — Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society” Humanity is being led to the precipice by the Pied Piper. At some point, there will be no going back. P.S. – And just after this video was put up, we found out that DARPA paid for the neurosurgery robot… should’ve known. ... Read more »
  • “Enclosed within his artificial creation, man finds that there is “no exit”; that he cannot pierce the shell of technology again to find the ancient milieu to which he was adapted for hundreds of thousands of years.” – Jacques Ellul, “The Technological Society”... Read more »
  • Featuring Dr. Peter Breggin from “The Minds of Men”. For more on his new initiative SPAC, visit Read more »
  • This is part two of a set of reports on where exactly these artificially intelligent digital assistants are taking society in the very near future. Ever heard of the “conscious home”? A “smart home” looks stupid by comparison.   As computers become more integrated into people’s decision-making processes and into their lives period, and as people become more and more intimate with these devices and what personal data we share,... Read more »
  • It’s been said that, “Voice technology is the ultimate behavioral study that you didn’t realize was happening,” although I would argue that probably most of the technology that we’re interacting with on a daily basis is ultimately a “behavioral study” the depth and breadth of which we don’t fully comprehend. Apparently in the next phase, your AI “oracle” voice assistant will do most of the heavy thinking for you… and... Read more »

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