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  • What is happening to our homes? This is what’s going on all around this country while they’re trying to get everyone to focus on everything else that isn’t this. ... Read more »
  • This is a follow up to Where Did the Rest of the Internet Go? This is a take on the silver lining… Personally, I think seeing the truth is liberating. It’s not speculation. Now we know. It’s a lot easier to escape a prison when you can see the bars versus when it’s totally invisible. If people couldn’t see before, they will be able to see it now. And that... Read more »
  • Have you ever heard a Potemkin Village? Your search engine might be making you think there are millions of pages of results and you can access anything with a simple query, but we did a test and we were more than a bit shocked with what little we actually found. George Orwell didn’t even get to this part… the digital baby gate. Or is it the cyber wall ala “The... Read more »
  • I put together this documentary on the Manzanar War Relocation Center in California — one of ten internment camps the Army used to house Japanese-Americans without charge or trial after the bombing of Pearl Harbor during WWII. We happened to pass by Manzanar off the side of the road during a filming road trip back in 2020 prior to the lockdowns and when I saw the guard tower at the... Read more »
  • Studies are showing that people can no longer tell the difference between AI-generated images and actual images. Something to consider amidst all the insanity, er, “perception management” going around our half-digital world these days… “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”. – Arthur C. Clarke... Read more »
  • We have begun releasing “The Trust Game” on YouTube and also at for all the people who said they wanted to see it but couldn’t watch any other way. We will put up a new episode each Friday at 7:30pm CST until all ten are out so everyone has a chance to see it. DVDs still to come! Much love to you and yours, Mel ... Read more »
  • Sixty years ago, a panel of some of the time’s most lauded scientists were having a discussion one day… and now a lot of what they talked about is no longer science fiction. ... Read more »
  • It’s become a buzz phrase, but this is decidedly not a new phrase… ... Read more »
  • This video is admittedly a bit of a sarcasm-dipped rant. After watching Zuck’s hour+ long presentation I don’t know how I could’ve responded literally any other way. Maybe it’s because the last two years feel like one long, drawn-out insult and this is just the latest installment, ala “Ready Player One” meets “Surrogates” meets “Futureworld”. Except waaaay cheesier. And not the good kind of cheese you might feel fancy eating... Read more »
  • Just a few thoughts I had recently and decided to share. It’s been increasingly tough at certain points this year — the year of what I refer to as the “personalized haunted house” — to know what that has been without just contributing to more fear and noise. I take this job pretty seriously and I’m starting to focus in on some things I really believe are important and worth... Read more »

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