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  • RUNTIME: 1 hr 42 min What started out as a typical video spiraled out into a full-blown, (albeit minor) film that should inform and shift perspectives about the looming earth emergencies: One media outlet recently described the highly funded and organized burgeoning International climate protest movement as, “based deeply oncontemporary research and rigorous analysis of what has made social and revolutionary movements successful throughout history and whileorganised on flexible scale-uppable... Read more »
  • Complimenting yesterday’s post – a guest article written by Dr. Peter & Ginger Breggin – is the raw, and as yet unreleased full interview with Dr. Breggin that was used in our film “The Minds of Men”. Dr. Breggin gives an account of his activism and struggle against psychosurgery more than 50 years ago – a 1960s-70s era campaign to legitimize the destruction of the brain, and utilize an evolving... Read more »
  • By Peter and Ginger Breggin Aaron and Melissa Dykes have made the single most important video that we have ever watched. It is called Putting a Chip in Your Brain Will Not Make You a Superhero or a God. It follows their astonishing documentary about the history of mind control, The Minds of Men. Elon Musk, the super-wealthy founder of Tesla, has now officially... Read more »
  • This is something straight out of the 1997/8 film “Wag the Dog”. In reality (but actually out of it), fake news has been happening since media existed, regardless of how “official” a mainstream outlet (or the establishment supporting it) claims to be. The only difference now is that we are entering an era of high technology, such as text-editable deep fakes, that will make BS a lot harder to detect.... Read more »
  • It’s clear that there’s an agenda that has nothing to do with ballot boxes or democracy. That agenda hasn’t changed in decades and it isn’t going to as long as people are kept fighting amongst themselves, growing ever more fat and ignorant on bread and circuses…... Read more »
  • That’s (yes, just Truthstream; any video channels on that platform using our official name or a similar name are in no way shape or form affiliated with us) and please, if you can, help support us on Patreon. We’re working on our second feature-length film now.  ... Read more »
  • Further Reading The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life by Dr. Robert O. Becker Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution, the Promise of Electromedicine also by Dr. Robert O. Becker The Great Power-Line Cover-Up: How the Utilities and the Government Are Trying to Hide the Cancer Hazard Posed by Electromagnetic Fields by Paul Brodeur... Read more »
  • This is a clip that didn’t quite find its way into “The Minds of Men”, but definitely finds its place firmly within that story. This idea wasn’t laughed off as the crazed rantings of a lunatic, either; rather, it was widely promoted on the nightly news and in newspapers across the nation back in 1971 as a potential “answer” to the world-threatening “problem”.... Read more »
  • Did you know the “goal” to create a transhuman universal consciousness hive mind via technology was openly admitted in the late 1960s? The release of Dr. Gerald Feinberg’s “The Prometheus Project” in 1969 conveniently overlapped MK Ultra and the push for Violence Project, Woodstock and the counter culture movement, the Vietnam war draft, and so many social changes… It was also the same year that Dr. Jose Delgado’s “Physical Control... Read more »
  • SPOILER ALERT: Our analysis and review of the film contains spoilers – as in, completely spoiling the plot of the movie for those who’ve not seen it yet. On the other hand, it also contains hidden meanings and buried messages which we personally feel are more interesting when discussed and brought to the surface (even if it is ahead of seeing the film). Fair warning. Ari Aster’s Midsommar is more... Read more »

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