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  • Anarchast Ep.407 Larken Rose vs Adam Kokesh great debate on Anarchast. Topics include: debating the usefulness of using the political system to further the cause of Anarchism, democracy is inherently bogus, is any degree of statism acceptable, Ron Paul is at least a voluntarist, declaring the federal government of no authority, a practical way out of statism, people waking up en-mass, does the president have the power to remove the... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep. 406 Jeff Berwick interviews Clive de Carle, topics include: healthy people are more open minded, doctors unschooled in nutrition, common nutritional myths producing ill health, sea salt, magnesium, iodine, very cheap supplements vs common deficiencies, many common diseases are actually deficiencies or heavy metal poisoning, easily treatable with the right knowledge, vitamin D, flu season, vitamin C, vaccines, nutrition and immunity, the dangers of root canals and mercury... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.405 Jeff interviews returning guest, Adam Kokesh. Topics include: the discipline of non-violent communication, the circumstances surrounding Adam’s recent arrest, police routinely deleting footage of arrests, live streaming the arrest, the ludicrous war on drugs, the absurd bond system, the Libertarian party, Gary Johnson, running for not president, the ethics of voting, taking leadership roles, the state of the state, cointelpro, fight or flight? overthrowing the biggest empire in... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.404 Jeff Berwick interviews Avi Esther, ‘Production Princess’ for Anarchapulco 2018. Topics include: whats on offer at Health and Wellness before Anarchapulco 2018, Health and Wellness retreat is 12-14th Feb, a PhD Sitar player, the art of the sober party, feminine energy, Tantra breath work, the search for enlightenment, the Cacao ceremony, Ayahuasca, DMT, Kambo, Iboga, the commodification of the sacred medicines, Theraphi plasma field generator, personal change and... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.403 Jeff Berwick interviews Eijah, senior developer of Grand Theft Auto V and creator of the new blockchain based platform Promether. Topics include: the Promether project, secure communication, stealthy communication, ease of use and solid code, the lie of convenience, even more convenient software that is decentralized, the terrible risk with FaceBook logins, product to launch before ICO, improving the ICO process, ICOs currently a beacon for regulation, the... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.402 Jeff interviews Joe Martino of Collective Evolution, topics include: going beyond the need for governance, self responsibility, creating change by shifting consciousness, Collective Evolution, massive growth in freedom movement, propaganda, alternative media, online censorship and demonetization, rebels inside the system,a shift in power, awakening can be traumatic, fear of change, cosmological influences, conscious media, the most incredible time in human history, massive change occurring right now Collective Evolution... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.401 Jeff interviews new guest Titus Gebel. Topics include: changing the system from within not working, creating free zones instead, building functional communities, constant simple unchanging rules bound by contract, investors, security, obtaining sovereignty from an existing jurisdiction, an extension of special economic zones, peaceful solutions involve negotiation, the role of profit in providing good service, Ancapistan, economic zones do not have to be in debt, crypto-wealth, free cities... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.400 Jeff interviews returning guest Joshua Ketner, topics include: the pharmaceutical industry suppression of effective health therapies, human growth hormone treatment, the nature of HGH, as we age we produce less HGH naturally, people going to Mexico for treatment as more and more things banned in the land of the free, HGH effective for chronic fatigue syndrome, HGH dosage and cost, cheaper in Mexico, overcoming depression and gaining quality... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.399 Jeff interviews returning guest and Anarchapulco 2018 speaker, Dr. Ron Paul, topics include: Ron Paul’s interpretation of the first year of the Trump presidency, an atrocious foreign policy, non-intervention, looming US government bankruptcy, Trump controlled by the neocons, the coming destruction of the dollar, distortions in the economy and upcoming corrections, the ‘everything bubble’, the best government is self government, liberty and prosperity, moral anarchism, the right to... Read more »
  • Anarchast Ep.398 Jeff interviews returning guest and friend, Luis Fernando Mises. Topics include: the government going after kratom, pain management with kratom, Oxycontin and addiction, the epic fail of state prohibition, pressure from pharmaceutical companies, safer pain management, the price of freedom, cannabis oil, guidlines for kratom use, the land of the free, government involvement in the opiate epidemic, help spread this information. Emancipated Human website: CBD Oil @... Read more »

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  • PressTV: Putin calls for stepped up humanitarian efforts in SyriaPressTV: Putin calls for stepped up humanitarian efforts in Syria
    In News
    (C)Image:   PressTV reported on Sunday, August 19, 2018 on their YouTube channel that:   “Russia’s president has stressed the necessity of stepping up humanitarian efforts in Syria where people have been bearing the brunt of war since 2011. Vladimir Putin who is on an official visit to Germany, made the remarks alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel. For her […]
  • Fake News: “Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down”Fake News: “Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down”
    In News
        August 16, 2018 – Alex Jones is being blamed for having had a pirate radio station in Austin Texas raided and shut down.   Although Infowars is in no way connected with a pirate radio station in Austin Texas, the MSM implies Alex Jones has shady business relationships.   The Mainstream Media is ramping up their attacks against Alex Jones and Infowars by claiming that […]
  • Herbs and Spices by Dr. Josh AxeHerbs and Spices by Dr. Josh Axe
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    Herbs and Spices by Dr. Josh Axe […]
  • Alex Jones and Infowars thrives despite bans
    In News
    It seems the bans from YouTube and other platforms like Facebook has boosted Alex Jones and Infowars rather then shut him down.   In on Friday, August 10, 2018 they wrote:   Some of the nation’s largest technology and social media companies have tried to stop Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories. But in a digital world, their attempts seem to have barely slowed him […]
  • Requires review of Saudi Arabia’s air strike against school busRequires investigation of Saudi Arabia’s air strike against school bus
    In News
    Video: UN Sources: Krever gransking av Saudi-Arabias flyangrep mot skolebuss saudi-airstrike-on-yemen-school-bus-kill-at-least-50-mostly-children slik-tjener-norge-paa-missilsalg-til-saudi-arabia-tross-forbud yemen-airstrikes-saudi-arabia-coalition-pentagon […]
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