Are humans becoming hackable with these toxic mRNA injections?

BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer Covid Vaccines contain never before seen objects in the blood of the vaccinated that interact with mobile phones. Study confirms the mRNA injections cause the human body to produce a Mac Address. Pascal Najadi says “I am chipped” by the Pfizer vaccine.

This new video contains additional evidence to support the facts presented by the WHO whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger. Keep in mind that not all Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen vials contain the same substances.

This is a global experiment on humanity. Some mRNA vaccines are placebo’s, while others are designed to kill immediately or influence the mind and body. Ana Mihalcea MD, PhD states “The mRNA injections, is a cover story for an Artificial Intelligence frequency based gene modification system that is self learning and can decide how to edit that human.”

They are using digital technology and AI to control people. A Former Director of the CIA revealed that the CIA did have a program to collect DNA overseas by using a covert vaccination program as a cover. Through a real vaccination program they were able to retrieve DNA from a certain region of the world.

Pascal Najada who has a Pfizer Covid Vaccine criminal case against the Swiss President in conjunction with a New York Supreme Court Pfizer and FDA lawsuit confirms he has been “chipped” by the Pfizer mRNA injections.

At 35,000 feet in the airplane his phone scanned 650 transceivers of only 100 passengers. He says “IT” tried to take over and kill humanity, but “IT” has failed and “IT” will be brought to justice. Dr. Charles Morgan formerly with the CIA in a 2018 DARPA meeting is talking with the U.S. Military about how cells can be designed for specific activities and targets using DREADDs technology, cells can be strategically placed in the brain with no surgery and then the cells can be remotely controlled using a wireless interface.

A scientific study done at a remote location with vaccinated, unvaccinated and PCR tested participants confirms the vaccinated and PCR tested produce a Mac Address which is a Media Access Control Address that sometimes disappears if the code is trying to be accessed and reappears depending on the situation. It is not in the vials but uses the human DNA to create the MAC Address signal. There are now nanosensors in millions if not billions of people worldwide.

Professor Pablo Campra PhD in Chemical Sciences confirms using several different scientific methods including an optical microscope, spectroscopy and a micro-Raman technique that the Pfizer and AstraZenaca vaccine vials contain nanoparticles of graphene, fibers of blue, red, yellow colors, spheres, polygonal type objects that are nanosensors and nano routers which correspond to a wireless communication system.

Bill Gates and Microsoft are involved in using human DNA as a programmable material through mRNA vaccines. Humanity has been used as guinea pigs in the greatest and most horrific experiments in the world killing millions of innocent people worldwide.

Matt Hancock’s secret chats reveal he knew the vaccines contained nanotechnology which he refers to as a “Chip” which he injected into millions of people and Bill Gates owes him one for doing this. Everyone in the world was lied to about the Covid vaccines by the corrupt politicians and elites who destroyed humanity.