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Fake News: “Alex Jones’ Flagship Pirate Radio Station Shut Down”



August 16, 2018 – Alex Jones is being blamed for having had a pirate radio station in Austin Texas raided and shut down.


Although Infowars is in no way connected with a pirate radio station in Austin Texas, the MSM implies Alex Jones has shady business relationships.


The Mainstream Media is ramping up their attacks against Alex Jones and Infowars by claiming that we have incited violence against the media and of being complicit in domestic terrorism. Could a false-flag attack against the media be pinned on Infowars to further their efforts to shut Infowars down entirely?


Watch the full Alex Jones Show from August 16, 2018 show below to get the full picture of the situation in The Alex Jones Show.



RT ran with the fake news agaisnst Alex Jones and the made up allegations of him having a pirate radio station in addition to his satelite uplink and radio stations broadcasting his shows all over America even though the story makes no sence and he only broadcasts via satelite uplink and has no FM radio stations that he himself operates.


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