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  • Trump delivers fiery rant against Deep State as it works to undermine once-great country fallen soldiers gave their lives for. Former President Donald Trump took the opportunity this Memorial Day to wish all a happy national holiday, including the Biden administration’s Deep State apparatchiks working overtime to undermine his second presidential bid. The embattled 45th president’s holiday message on Truth Social stated: Happy Memorial Day to All, including the Human... Read more »
  • Alex Jones discovers a gas pump that enforces a fueling limit of $74 because of 'carbon rules!' Infowars founder Alex Jones has just released a firsthand account of a gas station telling users there is now a “fueling limit” on what can be withdrawn for their car, all for the sake of “carbon rules.” “I read about this two years ago in a BlackRock ESG,” said Jones Monday at a... Read more »
  • Young people in Europe embracing dance hit 'Ausländer Raus' ('Foreigners Out') amid flood of illegal migrants into their nations. A viral video features DJs in France jamming out a French remix of the German dance hit “Ausländer Raus” (“Foreigners Out”), indicating a growing sentiment among the nation’s youth toward anti-immigration policies. The video features two female DJs playing an “Ausländer Raus” rendition with French lyrics transposed over the original German... Read more »
  • The city is upset it will be forced to spend over $1,000 to repaint the street. Police in St. Petersburg, Florida, are actively searching for a driver who did donuts on an LGBT “pride” mural painted on a downtown street. The incident took place around 2:30 am on Wednesday morning, with security footage showing the vehicle burning rubber on the rainbow-colored road. BREAKING: A manhunt is underway after a... Read more »
  • Squishy world leader plays both sides of issue to confuse and gaslight Canadian people on Covid jabs. A flashback video reveals Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at one point during the Covid pandemic claimed mRNA vaccines were safe and effective, only to have to backtrack following a multitude of vaccine injuries years later. In a powerful side-by-side comparison circulating on social media, Trudeau of present-day un-ironically declares he’s aware of... Read more »
  • Unusual visit and private conversation with key witness in Hunter's trial could be interpreted as witness tampering and interference with the legal process. Joe Biden made a surprise visit to his daughter-in-law Hallie Biden’s Delaware home just days before she’s set to serve as a key witness in Hunter Biden’s trial for alleged gun crimes. Biden made the visit at 8 p.m. for a private talk with Hallie, the widow... Read more »
  • So much for the party of freedom and limited government. Despite former President Donald Trump’s courageous attempt to earn the Libertarian Party’s support for president, the party originally associated with Ron Paul’s freedom revolution picked a nominee who’s previously backed authoritarian leftist policies including mask mandates and open borders. On Sunday, the Libertarian Party announced it had chosen candidate Chase Oliver, notorious for spoiling the 2022 Georgia Senate race where... Read more »
  • Watch & share this mega-viral footage! Now-viral footage out of Princeton, New Jersey, shows students disrupting a Memorial Day parade and even blocking the road after spotting an American flag.  “Free, free, Palestine!” Shouted hundreds of the pro-Gaza students Sunday at a group of Americans honoring service members and veterans. WATCH: Shameful Princeton students rush to stop a MEMORIAL DAY parade after spotting American flags coming towards them.Hundreds of activists... Read more »
  • Masked men murdered actor over a catalytic converter Hollywood actor Johnny Wactor of “General Hospital” was shot and killed by a group of thieves in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday. “The entire General Hospital family is heartbroken to hear of Johnny Wactor’s untimely passing. He was truly one of a kind and a pleasure to work with each and every day. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved... Read more »
  • "This is what RuPaul and d*ag promotes. Absolutely disgusting," says Libs of TikTok. In a gory and repulsive spectacle on RuPaul’s Drag Race, a drag performer strutted the runway in an outfit depicting the model undergoing a double mastectomy surgery. The outfit created the illusion that separate hands had surgically cut off the breasts of the performer with scalpels, leaving bloody gashes and the appearance of a man’s mutilated chest.... Read more »
  • Ulbricht responds with optimism from prison. Former President Donald Trump declared at the 2024 Libertarian National Convention that he would commute the sentence of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, who was imprisoned in 2013 for operating the darknet marketplace. During a historic appearance at the convention over the weekend, Trump expressed he would free Ulbricht, 40, who’s currently serving a life sentence after being convicted of running the website that... Read more »
  • Owen Shroyer is LIVE right now taking YOUR calls & delivering full-spectrum coverage of breaking news and exclusive information! Owen Shroyer hosts this LIVE Monday, May 27 edition of War Room, transmitted from Austin, Texas, Monday-Friday from 3-6PM CT. Also catch the streams at infowars.com/show and Banned.video. Be sure to join Alex Jones on GETTR & Telegram! Save the future and join the next Renaissance by following these NEW... Read more »
  • Users on social media chalk the incident up to demonic Hollywood elites hostile to Christianity. An actress was seen arguing with security guards at the Cannes Film Festival over her dress which features a large image of Jesus Christ’s face on the train. Massiel Taveras, who was attending the premiere of the French film The Count of Monte Cristo over the weekend, was seen scolding security guards who repeatedly tried to... Read more »
  • Raunchy comedic animated series South Park digs into “body positivity” Portly pop star Lizzo, who’s been hailed as a leader of the “body positivity” movement, was the latest target of the comedic animated series South Park. In one of the show’s latest episodes, the plump singer was lampooned with a segment introducing a weight treatment drug called Lizzo, which simply makes users not care about their weight. In a video... Read more »
  • Information that could tell us about the motivations of transgender spree attackers should not be suppressed “Holy sh*t. Buffalo Bill is real!” I tweeted when I saw the first picture of Jared Ravizza being led away by police after his arrest for stabbing four little girls in a movie theater and then two more people at a rest-stop McDonald’s. At that point, nothing about the attacker, apart from the horrific... Read more »