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  • The tyrants are so focused on power that they don't care if civilization falls... Read more »
  • Was replaced by two women to meet diversity goal.... Read more »
  • Numerous children died as researchers sought HIV-infected foster kids on which to test dangerous drugs known to be toxic and deadly.... Read more »
  • "When this city goes into utter chaos on Nov. 1, be ready to pick up the pieces that the mayor causes.”... Read more »
  • "White people are committed to being villains."... Read more »
  • 78 percent of Democrats say they wear a mask outside their home... Read more »
  • Cultural enrichment strikes again.... Read more »
  • "I have threats against my children by name, I have been followed in my car with my children, they have my vehicle, they know where I live"... Read more »
  • Carbon rationing for you, luxury holidays for her.... Read more »
  • One third of US military is still unvaccinated: 468,000 active duty members have just one month to get the shot by mandate deadline or face the ax... Read more »
  • Florida Reaches Lowest Coronavirus Case Rate in the Nation... Read more »
  • America’s Top General Calls China’s Hypersonic Weapon Test Close To “A Sputnik Moment”... Read more »
  • Another media outlets that will support censorship.... Read more »
  • Taiwanese leader has ‘faith’ US will defend them from China, says some American troops are on island... Read more »
  • Survey: 77% Of White Students Who Claim ‘Minority’ Status Are Accepted Into College... Read more »

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