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  • Never forget, hypersonic tests are considered a state secret and classified military information.... Read more »
  • Thai student reportedly mixed Sinovac and Astrazeneca jabs.... Read more »
  • Tragic death shocks many Australians... Read more »
  • More & more companies are raising prices to offset surging costs.... Read more »
  • There is need to realize that the economic policies of self-styled progressives cannot do without inflation... Read more »
  • Whether through taxes, debt, or inflation, government spending is about ripping off the productive taxpayers... Read more »
  • The world of the 2 percent target is something truly new and worse than what came before... Read more »
  • One mistake we make is to assume that the people who shout the loudest about their research must thus be right, or even know what they’re talking about... Read more »
  • School claims it was just "light-hearted" fun.... Read more »
  • The globalists are removing America as the world's leader... Read more »
  • The federal government is out of control... Read more »
  • Most U.S. hospitals, it turns out, were as empty as could be prior to the release of the jabs.... Read more »
  • Establishment media platforms will not allow these videos to be seen... Read more »
  • Meanwhile, NPR reports that US hospitals are overflowing at record levels with double-vaxxed citizens fighting for their lives.... Read more »
  • 'Does it make me a sheep? No,' man commented in Facebook post showing Covid vaccination record card.... Read more »

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