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  • The rules prohibit delivery of new supplies from Russia to the London Metal Exchange, where the global benchmark prices are set. On Friday, the US and UK imposed new restrictions on trading Russian aluminum, copper and nickel in the latest hollow bid to curb President Vladimir Putin’s ability to fund his war machine (as discussed previously, Russian oil is now trading above the western embargo “cap” price virtually everywhere). According... Read more »
  • Luc Van Gorp, president of Christian Mutuality, pushed suicide for older people who are ‘tired of life’ and shockingly described the elderly as a ‘mountain of meat’ that ‘starts to smell.’ (LifeSiteNews) — The president of Belgium’s largest health care fund has promoted euthanasia as a solution for the country’s aging population problem. Luc Van Gorp, head of Christian Mutuality (CM), pointed out that the number of people over 80 in Belgium... Read more »
  • In the wake of the parliamentary debate on liberalizing abortion legislation, 50,000 pro-life demonstrators took to the streets on Sunday to protest in Warsaw. The pro-life march held on Sunday in the Polish capital of Warsaw attracted 50,000 participants who marched to express solidarity with the values of the sanctity of life and the importance of the family. The event was held in order to send a message to the new left-liberal... Read more »
  • Lock-downs and pandemic messaging ushered in a predatory new industry. Dr. Masayasu Inoue, a world-renowned Japanese professor, recently spoke at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland and issued a dire warning to the world. Dr. Inoue, an emeritus professor from Osaka City University Medical School, warned that the COVID-19 global pandemic was a man-made hoax that was orchestrated by a network of globalists organizations that include the United Nations, the World... Read more »
  • Ukraine has become more coercive in recent months as US aid has been stalled amidst political infighting. The Ukrainian leader has occasionally compared his country’s plight to that of Israel, a dubious distinction as Tel Aviv’s reputation is battered globally. President Volodymyr Zelensky took to the X (formerly Twitter) social media platform Sunday to remind Western lawmakers not to forget about Ukraine as the world responds to Iran’s retaliatory strike against Israel.... Read more »
  • Dozens of sites earmarked for migrants have been set afire deliberately over the last year Another site earmarked to house migrants has been set on fire in Ireland. The site in Co. Wicklow was proposed to accommodate International Protection Applications, the term given to migrants by the Irish government. The attack took place in the early hours of Saturday morning, and is being investigated by the Gardaí as a deliberate act... Read more »
  • Instead of getting to the bottom of the breakdown in communication and focusing on improving Military preparedness for future incidents, the witnesses feel the January 6 panel was solely focused on pinning blame for the events that day on Trump. On Wednesday, whistleblowers from the Washington DC National Guard are expected to tell Congressional investigators that former President Donald Trump wanted them deployed, but an Army Secretary, Ryan McCarthy, delayed relaying this to... Read more »
  • The film will chart Trump's rise to power in the 1970s and '80s, including his "Faustian deal" with Roy Cohn The first official image from Ali Abbasi’s forthcoming Trump biopic The Apprentice has been released. The film will follow Trump’s rise to power in the cutthroat world of New York real-estate in the 1970s and 1980s. In the image, we see a young Trump, played by Sebastian Stan, taking a... Read more »
  • Jonathan Adam Lecompte was just trying to do the right thing when he was brutally run down by a carjacker Shocking video reached social media over the weekend of a carjacking in which a good Samaritan who tried to intervene was run over and killed. The incident took place last month and the carjacker has already been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Jonathan Adam Lecompte, 38, of Fayetteville, North... Read more »
  • The US was forced to deny direct advance knowledge of the attacks as early as Thursday On Sunday, a senior US official was forced to deny claims from Iranian, Turkish, Jordanian and Iraqi officials that Iran gave three days’ notice of its attack on Israel. On Friday and Saturday last week, the US warned of an impending but nonspecific threat from Iran, and President Biden warned the Islamic Republic “Don’t.”... Read more »
  • At least two officers have been killed after responding to reports of a stolen vehicle Salina, New York was the scene of unfolding tragedy on Sunday evening as a sheriff’s deputy and a police officer were killed by a gunman, who was also killed. The shooting took place at Darien Drive at around 8.15pm. The officers were responding to reports of a stolen vehicle in Syracuse, which led to a... Read more »
  • Israel and Iran both dismiss Sleepy Joe Biden's calls not to escalate conflict -- tune in! Chase Geiser breaks down the latest developments in the Israel-Iran conflict as Israel prepares to once against strike Iran assets while the Biden White House and neocons in Congress prepare billions of dollars in more financial aid for Israel and Ukraine. Tune into this live broadcast at MadMaxWorld.TV and spread the word! ... Read more »
  • Meanwhile, amid these developments, Biden was in a near-comatose state on the beach while launching his Deep State attack on Trump as his criminal trial begins this week. Alex Jones breaks down how Israel has pledged to strike Iran following its own retaliatory missile and drone attacks over the weekend, leading to fears a larger regional conflict could trigger World War III. Former Army intel officer Scott Bennett will join... Read more »
  • "BlackRock owns the processed food companies that are poisoning us, and they own the pharmaceutical companies that are making $4.3 trillion a year," says presidential candidate. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explained how BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management corporation, controls both political parties to suppress meaningful discussions about America’s health crisis and foreign policy. “BlackRock owns the processed food companies that are poisoning us, and they own... Read more »
  • "Donald Trump said that he supports abortion laws being decided by the states instead of the federal government,” Weekend Update co-host Michael Che says. “But why stop there? Why not go even smaller and leave it up to the counties or the city?” Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” ridiculed former President Donald Trump’s position on abortion, where he asserted that abortion laws should be left up to the states. “This... Read more »