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    Infowars: There's a War on for Your Mind!

  • More proof this operation has been planned for decades Alex Jones breaks down a resurfaced clip of psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna detailing the evolution of humanity that falls in line with the Globalists’ current plan for the future. Don’t forget, Infowars relies on YOUR SUPPORT! To continue funding this independent operation, we urge you to visit the Infowars Store where you can fund the battle against globalism by purchasing great... Read more »
  • Biden White House openly extorts Congress with threats of global war unless it authorizes blank check to Military-Industrial Complex. The Biden regime threatened to deploy U.S. troops into direct conflict with Russia if Congress refuses to approve its $106 billion request for more Ukraine war funding. In a plea to Congress for more funding before Christmas, Joe Biden baselessly claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to invade NATO countries once... Read more »
  • This is all part of the elitist agenda Alex Jones breaks down multiple video clips of top globalists calling for a reduction in energy production as they push the world closer to an engineered collapse. Don’t forget, Infowars relies on YOUR SUPPORT! To continue funding this independent operation, we urge you to visit the Infowars Store where you can fund the battle against globalism by purchasing great products such as... Read more »
  • Nuclear war, 9/11, BlackRock, Covid lies, Globalist takeover: Nothing is off-limits in this monumental encounter! Tucker Carlson has just teased his coming groundbreaking interview with radio host Alex Jones that will drop Thursday: Alex Jones predicted 9-11, in detail and on camera, months before it happened. How did he do that? And why did the government decide to destroy him after he did? The full interview Thursday. pic.twitter.com/BIzM3BDtAz— Tucker... Read more »
  • GOP presidential candidate revealed his first plans of action Alex Jones breaks down the clip of Trump claiming he would only be a dictator on day 1 of his next Presidency when he closes the border and ramps up energy production. Don’t forget, Infowars relies on YOUR SUPPORT! To continue funding this independent operation, we urge you to visit the Infowars Store where you can fund the battle against globalism... Read more »
  • Puppet president warns: "This cannot wait... Congress needs to pass supplemental funding for Ukraine before they break for the holiday recess." President Joe Biden has raised the possibility of “American troops fighting Russian troops” in a speech urging Congress to put aside “petty, partisan, angry politics” which is holding up his multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine. He said that he’s willing to make “significant compromises” with Republicans but that it’s they... Read more »
  • Biden border crisis reaches historic levels The number of illegal aliens encountered at the southern border in one day reportedly hit the highest level ever recorded as the Biden mass migration catastrophe spirals wildly out of control. On Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection personnel logged more than 12,000 ‘migrant encounters,’ according to Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin. The stunning one-day surge came after multiple consecutive days of more than 10,000... Read more »
  • White House budget director forecasts disaster for Ukraine if more money isn’t allocated. Over the weekend, border-policy negotiations between Senate Democrats and Republicans fell apart. The talks were meant to firm up Republican support for the president’s massive $105 billion military support proposal ahead of Wednesday’s vote by including additional funds for border security in the spending package. Now, with no imminent approval of further aid to Ukraine, hawks in government and the... Read more »
  • Border Patrol reported illegal migrant encounters reached over 12,000 on Tuesday -- the highest ever recorded in a single day. Jaw-dropping footage from America’s southern border in Arizona shows the devastating swarms of migrants pouring into the US as illegal border crossings hit an all-time high. On Tuesday, hordes of males from foreign countries who’d illegally crossed from Mexico into America in Lukeville, Arizona, formed massive lines along a border... Read more »
  • Republican representative Thomas Massie claims that the money being sent to Kiev ultimately ends up in the pockets of stockholders The US Congress is continuing to vote in favor of sending billions of dollars to Ukraine because a lot of those funds end up being laundered back to the US military-industrial complex, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie has said. In an interview with Tucker Carlson on X (formerly Twitter) published on... Read more »
  • Globalist puppet again caught talking out of both sides of his mouth. Speaking at The White House Wednesday, Joe Biden admitted his administration’s border system “is broken” despite previously advertising that illegals should “surge the border” under his reign. Most of Biden’s speech focused on begging Congress to provide more funding to Ukraine, with the senile puppet complaining Republicans are “playing chicken with our national security” by refusing to pass... Read more »
  • So stacks of bank records, emails, flight records, text messages, and photos of Biden palling around with Hunter and his brother James Biden's business partners, are simply lies? Joe Biden abruptly ended a press conference Wednesday when asked uncomfortable questions about his ties to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. A White House reporter pointed out to Biden that 70% of Americans and nearly half of Democrats believe he “acted illegally... Read more »
  • Rep. Summer Lee (D-Pa.) labeled Gaines' speech transphobic as the former NCAA swimmer spoke out against biological males competing in women's sports. Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines testified before the House Oversight Committee Tuesday, speaking out against biological males competing in women’s sports and squaring off against a Democrat “Squad” member who attempted to label her remarks “transphobic.” Gaines’ testimony addressed how allowing males who identify as “transgender” to play... Read more »
  • Harrison Smith is LIVE right now taking YOUR calls & delivering full-spectrum coverage of breaking news and exclusive information! Harrison Smith hosts this LIVE Wednesday, Dec. 6 edition of War Room, transmitted from Austin, Texas, Monday-Friday from 3-6PM CT. Josh Lekach (@JoshLekach) joins the show today to discuss the DINK (Dual-Income, No Kids) menace. REPORTER: "Can you explain…why you interacted with so many of your son and brother's... Read more »
  • Where were the alerts while mass murderer rampaged across town? Citizens of Austin, Texas, were not properly informed about a mass shooting taking place around them on Tuesday, according to complaints online. 34-year-old Shane James is the suspect arrested Tuesday night by Austin Police officers after he killed six people and injured three others, including two cops, in separate incidents taking place throughout the large city. Austin Police Department Austin... Read more »