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Did Trump Get Defrauded Out of the (S)Election?


Did Trump Get Defrauded Out of the (S)Election?
All about Jeff Berwick and Charlie Robinson’s Book “Controlled Demolition”:
Charlie Robinson’s Macroaggressions Podcast and The Octopus of Global Control:
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Where is @JoeBiden calling on the massive Super Spreader events held in his name to end:
Oregon decriminalizes possession of street drugs, becoming first in nation:
LIVE: Million Mask March takes place in London as new lockdown begins in UK – RT:
Max Igan’s Bitchute Channel:
Massive protests underway in #Leipzig (Germany) opposing the new #COVID19 lockdown:
Paris cops look like nazi Germany: (8 minute mark)
Dad, what was it like in 2020 when #Bitcoin passed $15,000??? – Bitcoin Marcus:


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