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The COVID Vaccine – Ask The Experts…

Oracle Films, December 7, 2020

⁣This video is merely a compilation of doctors, scientists and activist who are offering their opinions. in no way do the views of any individual contributor to this video represent the views of anyone else shown. To confirm, this video contains a wide variety of views, all of which are exclusive to the individual expressing them.
⁣With the rollout of the you-know-what just around the corner, we ask a worldwide panel of experts the question on everybody’s minds #asktheexperts


Dr. Andrew Kaufman (USA), Dr. Hilde de Smet (Belgium), Dr. Nils R. Fosse (Norway), Dr. Elizabeth Evans (UK), Dr. Mohammad Adil (UK), Dr. Vernon Coleman (UK), Prof. Dolores Cahill (Ireland), Dr. R. Zac Cox (UK), Dr. Anna Forbes (UK), Dr. Ralf E.R. Sundberg (Sweden), Dr. Johan Denis (Belgium), Dr. Daniel Cullum (USA), Journalist Moritz von der Borsch (Germany), Dr. Anne Fierlafijn (Belgium), Dr. Tom Cowan (USA), Dr. Kevin P. Corbett (UK), Dr. Carrie Madej (USA), Dr. Barre Lando (USA), Nurse Kate Shemirani (UK), Pharmacist Sandy Lunøe (Norway), Acupuncturist Boris Dragin (Sweden), Dr. Piotr Rubas (Poland), Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo (Spain), Dr. Rashid Buttar (USA), Dr. Nour De San (Belgium), Dr. Kelly Brogan (USA), Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis (UK), Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (USA), Journalist Senta Depuydt (Belgium), Dr. Heiko Santelmann (Germany), Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson (Germany), Dr. Mikael Nordfors (Sweden), Dr. Elke F. de Klerk (Netherlands)

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