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Alex Jones and Infowars thrives despite bans

It seems the bans from YouTube and other platforms like Facebook has boosted Alex Jones and Infowars rather then shut him down.


In on Friday, August 10, 2018 they wrote:


Some of the nation’s largest technology and social media companies have tried to stop Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories. But in a digital world, their attempts seem to have barely slowed him down.


After YouTube, Facebook and others this week removed content by Jones and his website, the InfoWars leader, talk show host and Austin resident fired back, accusing the companies of censorship and urging his audience to fight back against what he called an “unprecedented attack.”


Meanwhile, Jones’ website and other online platforms have remained popular destinations.


InfoWars continues to see more than 1 million page visits per day and has trended upward this month, according to Amazon’s Alexa website traffic report, which also said InfoWars averages more than 25 million page views per month.


Consumers still can access InfoWars through the same tech companies that just banned it. Google still offers the Infowars app for Android users, and Apple customers can download it through the App Store.


As of Friday, the show’s phone app remained near the top of the charts in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. Infowars Official, an app that lets viewers stream Jones’ shows and read news of the day, was ranked fourth among trending apps in the Google Play store Friday. In the news category on Apple’s App Store, Infowars earned the fourth slot under the top free apps, behind Twitter and News Break, a local and breaking news service, revealing a sudden boost of user downloads.


Hangmansnews has supported Alex Jones and his free speech for a decade and we are now moving all of our archive videos to Real.Video, a YouTube like website supporting free speech run by Mike Adams, a friend of Alex Jones that has previously hosted many of the shows on Infowars.


Here is a music video we tributed to Alex Jones about 5 years ago due to his enormous efforts for mankind in exposing the powers that should not be. The image on the video is from the Alex Jones documentary “Bohamian Grove“, where Alex Jones was sneaking into the Bohamian Grove to document the elite and world leaders gathering to perform mock sacrifise.


I think that many people are taking the hint of this sensorship and realice that their content is simply not safe on platforms like YouTube and the other platforms that has now banned and deleted all of Alex Jones content.


Here is what Jeff Bervick, the host of the Dollar Vigilante and The Anarchast had to say about Alex Jones getting banned of most platforms all at ones to shut down his free speech:



What alternatives are there to YouTube?


There is a lot of new, very good alternative video platforms. Here are our top 5 picks:


  1. Real.Video


  3. D.Tube






And last but not least, for all of you who has followed Infowars on Youtube or here on Hangmansnews we have alreaddy buildt a calendar archive where you can follow Alex Jones every day and we are rebuilding the archives back in time.


You can access the archive for free here: Hangmansnews Infowars Archive


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